The Principles Behind DPW’s Commitment To Sustainable Graphic Design Practices

DPrintWorldWide is committed to three important things. Excellence in graphic design, happy, satisfied clients, and social responsibility, Every one of our team members is equally committed to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Our Social Responsibility and Sustainability Policy has three prongs. We promise to protect and preserve the environment and the earth. We promise to enhance our competitive advantages through fair employment practices. We promise to promote opportunity, equity and improved quality of life.

With our team members and our world in mind, we’ve established the following principles:

  • We commit to complying with all applicable environmental health and safety requirements at the local, state, and federal levels
  • We commit to comply with all local, state and federal labor laws
  • We commit to be a responsible steward of our environmental resources
  • We commit to our role as leaders in our community to promote collaborative and productive partnerships that support resource conservation
  • We commit to continuous improvement of our operations by applying lean manufacturing principles to sustain our success through productivity and efficiency
  • We commit to the prevention of pollution by following the general tenets of reduce, re-use, and recycle in the following specific ways:
    • We will assume responsibility for the products entire life cycle by incrementally adding green product lines, using recycled substrates, and providing end-of-life recycling options
    • We will, as a company and individuals, reduce our use of non-renewable energy
    • We will adopt best management practices, systems and technologies
    • We will be a partner at the community level in solving social and environmental problems by helping identify and facilitate adoption of green products, processes and clean technologies
    • We commit to keeping our associates, customers, vendors, and the public informed about our sustainability activities on our web site or upon request.
    • We will lead our industry at the state level, ensuring generations to come will inherit a healthy and vibrant Florida.

Our social conscience means we support out workforce through gender and pay equity at all times. We’ve made Florida our home and our hub for 77 years. We’re proudly woman-owned and woman-led, firm believers in gender equity and equal pay, and our CEO is active in the women-business-owner community locally, nationally and internationally.

DPrintWorldWide also sees environmental responsibility as a full-time commitment. We adhere to this promise by guaranteeing the printed products you purchase from us are responsibly sourced in an effort to preserve the earth for future generations. We’re part of the SGP (Sustainable Green Printing Partnership) and among the first of Florida’s printers to achieve this invaluable certification.

When you trust your graphic design projects to DPrintWorldWide, you get an amazing product your target market will respond to, enjoy every step of the purchase experience, receive every item on time, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with protecting the earth’s natural resources. We happily recycle many of the products we print because our commitment to a good earth is as real as our commitment to quality products and happy clients.