Graphic Design & Church Marketing

church marketing

More than ever before in the past, churches and ministries have incredible opportunities for growth and outreach these days. From websites to social media to entire online worship services, churches today are taking strategic advantage of every opportunity for church marketing and promoting.

In addition to its ministry services, one of your main goals as a church is to help improve lives in your community. That means making the men, women, and families in your neighborhood aware of the services and benefits you have to offer them. One way to do that is by leveraging the power of graphic design in sharing your church with your community – here’s how.

Outfit Your Buses & Vans For Church Outreach
While many people think of vehicle wraps in conjunction with food trucks, race cars, and city buses, they have a host of other marketing uses. Many music groups use vehicle wraps to create attention-grabbing touring buses and popular delivery services use them in very effective marketing and branding campaigns. Your church buses and vans can also benefit from vehicles wraps that help them do duty.

Of course, their primary function is to transport people to and from your church and its related events. Their secondary function is to spread the word about your ministry on every road trip it makes. Creating a branded wrap for your church vehicles is easier than you think with the graphic design team from DPRINT on your side. We have a huge database of vehicle makes and models that allow us to quickly and easily design a wrap for your bus or van. We can just as quickly and easily create a custom wrap for any vehicle not currently in our database.

Graphic Design & Church Marketing Ideas

  • Connect with a community school
  • Establish a community food pantry
  • Host a neighborhood picnic
  • Establish a local community garden
  • Host an annual school supply giveaway
  • Sponsor a community sports team
  • Offer free or affordable tutoring
  • Enlist volunteers for community clean up
  • Host community prayer stations

Effective church marketing tactics and strategies can help your church reach new families as they move into the neighborhood or reach out to established families who may have simply overlooked your presence. One surefire way to reach the people in your community and provide them with the services and assistance they need is by simple asking them. Start with community-wide surveys or with social media pools and questionnaires.

Once you’ve identified the needs of your community, let them know you can meet those needs with the double-punch power of graphic design and church marketing. From small community churches to large mega churches, our graphic designers can create banners, posters, signs, and vehicle wraps for churches of all sizes.

Think about the image you want to portray with your church branding, then think of how you want to portray that to the people around you. Then, contact us when you’re ready to put the power of graphic design to work spreading the word about your church and its local events. Our graphic design team is poised and ready to help you use church marketing strategies to create the community presence your ministry needs.