Wrap Your Food Truck In Custom Graphics

food truck design

Food trucks of all shapes and sizes can be seen all over the country. They’re available outside offices, manufacturing plants, and other places where employees gather. They’re also available in downtown locales, during food truck festivals, and at live music events, festivals, and carnivals. The prevalence of food trucks, specialty food kiosks, and other mobile eateries mean yours absolutely must stand out in a crowd. That’s why you should consider turning your food truck design into a vehicle wrap that draws hungry patrons right to your window.

Branding your food truck with a DPRINT vehicle wrap is an affordable, attention-grabbing marketing strategy. Working with a professional graphic design team with experience creating delectable food truck designs can help your food truck differentiate itself from your competitors. Your graphic designer will help you understand the importance of emblazoning your food truck with your logo and tag line. Ideally, your logo should be placed on each side of your food truck that will be exposed to public view. For example, that means you probably don’t want to place it on your order window that will be opened while your truck is serving meals.

Be sure to place your URL and other contact information strategically, too. It will help create an audience and following once patrons leave your window. In addition to its marketing and branding benefits, a well-wrapped food truck can provide customer service and make the ordering process flow more smoothly. To reap this benefit, make sure your menu is prominently featured in large, bold, easy-to-read fonts. Doing so can cut down on repeated questions and free you and your staff to prepare and plate food items.

Design Tips For Wrapping Your Food Truck
While you’re working with our graphic design and production team, keep these additional food truck design tips in mind to ensure the success of your vehicle wrap:

  • Choose colors that compliment your menu
  • Choose food photos that tempt taste buds
  • Keep your menu short, simple, and to the point
  • Include all-in (tax included) pricing to keep the line moving

Your food truck wrap is also durable, long-lasting, and will not damage your existing paint job. In fact, a vehicle wrap might help cover up imperfections and flaws and actually increase your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal.

Cost Comparisons That Indicate Food Truck Wrap Affordability
A food truck wrap from DPRINT is also a cost-effective form of marketing. Consider this cost comparison per each thousand impressions:

  • Television = $23.70
  • Magazine = $21.46
  • Newspaper = $19.70
  • Radio = $7.75
  • Outdoor Signage = $3.56
  • VEHICLE WRAP = $0.35

Adding to the cost savings, right now, a food truck design is free with the purchase of a vehicle wrap. That means you can leave everything to us and know you’ll receive the best possible wrap for your food truck with high-quality materials and professional installation. Contact us today to schedule a Product Consultation that lets us get to know you, your food truck, and your target audience. At the same time, you’ll learn about the professionalism of our people, the excellence of our products, and the benefits your food truck business can reap with a vehicle wrap.