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Dprint has designed and tested a large assortment of colorful vintage-look garden plant markers. Mark your herbs, fruit trees and plants and summer/winter vegetables and make your garden even lovelier.


The markers are banded at the top with a color that identifies their biologic siblings and is wide enough to slip under our black ABS clip-style stake. The markers also have a single centered hole at the top to allow hooking it over stakes you may already have. We recommend using our stake for best results.


With garden markers in your garden you can:

Easily identify among similar plants, like cilantro and parsley.

Add a touch of whimsy to your garden.

Help layout your garden before planting.

Have your garden featured on our web sites and social media (take great pictures!)

These high quality plant markers are intended for outdoor use and you can expect them to last through two growing seasons without discoloration.

Starting from $2.39

Our beautiful garden plant markers are created on demand. Browse our entire selection and look for the sets. If you don’t see what you need ask us to customize them for you. You can even design your own on