Our Story

The story behind myDprint.com

In 1939, just as the Great Depression was beginning to fade, Leroy J. Douglass took a leap of faith to open a new sign shop. Armed with creative illustration skills and a gift for lettering and layout, Douglass soon had a solid customer base in central Florida. Customers brought problems to Leroy that he and his artisans quickly solved. Pioneering the screen printing of decal companies to go on gas water heaters, Douglass Signs quickly became known as a “Can Do!” company.

Leroy later sold his sign company but left the fledgling screen printing division with commercial artist Tom Kaiser, who incorporated the division in 1964 as Douglass Screen Printers. His artistic skills, customer savvy and love of community attracted customers and forged a lasting reputation. Tom’s daughter Lisa Kaiser Hickey succeeded his leadership in 1983 and became the third artist-owner in 1996. Lisa added a passion for women’s entrepreneurship and equal opportunity, taking the company to an international level. Fittingly, she was succeeded in leadership by her daughter and artist Lane Hickey Wiggins.

From its inception, screen printing was a difficult process, but Douglass was nearly always first to market with the latest inks, materials, equipment and processes. By 1990, the company was among the first in the industry to move into digital design and print technologies and had won over sixty awards for innovation and design.

Douglass was the first screen printing contractor to NASA, a relationship now spanning over thirty years and soon became a Top 50 screen printer to the U.S. Government Printing Office. Douglass led their community in social and environmental responsibility and became Florida’s first green-certified digital and screen printing facility. After 55 years in SGIA (Specialty Graphic Imaging Association) and more recently PDAA (Professional Decal Applicators Association), ever-evolving technology brought Douglass to another threshold of change.

After seven decades in the graphic communications industry, we remain focused on innovation, creativity and durability. Our “Can Do!” vision is as fresh for today as it was in 1939. Though we’re adding more product lines, we’re adopting the simple name DPRINT. We work where you work: in the cloud, and that means we’re giving you a lot more access and control over your product and you can talk and collaborate with us in real time. Look for our extremely popular Facebook page SignSmilesbyDprint, and follow us on the most popular social media channels Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram.

This new site myDprint.com will give the tools to do things your way. All of our print-on-demand products featured on this site are competitively priced and come with legendary “Can-Do!” service. You’ll be able to choose from over 270 decals, posters, banners, signs and wall art graphics and have total control of the design. Upload your own images or choose from popular web archives. We have a separate dynamic platform for designing vehicle wraps:

Vehicle wraps by DPRINT

MyDprint.com features an impressive shopping cart and access to our knowledge base of videos and blogs for the latest in how-to, go-to and DO! Experience the fun of our DIY design platform, knowing when you purchase you’ll get exactly what you expect.

So what’s ahead? You can be sure it will be leading-edge and environmentally friendly! It all comes back to “Can Do!” Now, you can too!