Make An Unforgettable Impact With Custom Marketing Posters

marketing posters

Marketing posters are one of small business marketing’s most effective – and cost-effective – methods of engaging with the public. Concise designs and attention-grabbing colors make leaving your mark easy and make leaving a lasting visual impression inevitable. Posters are easily affordable for most small business budgets. When you make your posters evergreen (undated), they can be used multiple times and relocated as needed. They provide ongoing interest, generate increased brand awareness, and can lead to serious sales.

Carefully chosen locations and strategically placed posters increase the visibility of your logo and brand. In fact, they make your company more visible to your existing market base and draw the attention of potential clients and customers. Place them near public transportation hubs and places your target market frequents. For example, a company with a target market consisting of foodies should hang posters near grocery stores and restaurants. Similarly, a company with a target market consisting of small business owns should display posters near office supply stores and co-working spaces.

Ordering a variety of sizes increases the number of places your posters can be hung. It’s also an inexpensive way to create a cohesive marketing campaign. The best marketing posters feature the following must-have items: logo, slogan or tag line, URL, contact info, and call to action. Choose clean designs, bold, easy to read lettering, and action words to make your posters generate interest and revenue.

Ready to design and create your own custom small business posters? It’s easy to do with our DIY marketing design tool. Follow these simple directions:

  • Choose your background color and finish
    posters are available in white, glossy or matte
  • Choose your size
    eight sizes range from 22”X18” to 54”X36”
  • Choose your lamination option
    all posters are available with or without protective lamination
  • Choose your color and image edging preference
    posters are available with a solid border or with full bleed edges
    (full bleed = color and images that go all the way to the edge of your poster)
  • Choose your mounting preference
    hardboard (high-density fiberboard) mounting is available for all posters
  • Choose an easel and easel finish
    all easels are available in black, white, and kraft
  • Choose a frame and frame finish
    our molded plastic frames come in thirteen (13) colors ranging from black and matte black to bright red, brushed brass, and hunter green
  • Select and add your images
    upload your own logo or artwork, or choose from our immense image and clipart library
  • Choose your words and fonts
    our huge selection of fonts make it easy to find just the right text to represent your brand

Optional hanging rails make mounting your poster simple. Once your selections are made and your custom poster design is finalized, send it to us and sit back and relax. We’ll print and deliver the custom marketing poster your business has been waiting for. At MYDPRINT, we put the DIY marketing tools you need right where you need them. Visit our website and create the marketing posters your small business needs to stay timely, relevant, and top of mind.