The Interconnection of Graphic Design and Font

At DPrintWorldWide, we know that fonts, typography, and typeface are part of every graphic designer’s toolkit. Like color and color theory, fonts are both an art and a science. Font and typography selection is not a random thought or action. The font your graphic design team chooses takes a number of factors into account. Among them are composition, measurement, identification, and even vocabulary.


To fully understand the importance of font in graphic design, you have to understand the fundamental role of branding. The purpose of branding your company or corporation is to connect with your target audience in a visually engaging manner. To that end, the colors and fonts in your branding must be user friendly, easy to read and understand, and must bring your message to life for your audience.


Different fonts communicate different feelings and emotions to – and elicit from – your target audience. You designer goes to great lengths to ensure the fonts they select and recommend connect with that audience. For example, a law firm would not select a comical, brightly colored font. A retailer who caters to children’s products, however, might find it the perfect font for their products and services. Smart designers also understand the importance of limiting the number of differing and competing fonts in a single brand package. Because too many fonts in a single project can take your copy from compelling to cluttered, ideally, a branding kit will choose one font for the headings, one for the body, and one for the subheadings.


The size, typeface, and order of your chosen font is important because it guides the movement of the eye. It helps readers identify important pieces, pick specific information out of a design or body of copy, and creates a pleasant flow for reading. Readability is paramount and should be the primary concern in font selection. You should put as much thought, care, and concern into selecting your font palette as you do in choosing your color palette.


Additionally, your choice of font and font sizes must take widows and orphans into account. No, not people. Widows and orphans are publishing terms. A widow is a line of text in a paragraph that has fallen, alone, to the next paragraph or column. An orphan, then, occurs when a single word follows the same pattern. Because widows and orphans are almost inevitable, avoiding them is something of an artform.


Good font selection compliments and accentuates, rather than competes with, your graphic designs. Your overall branding is intended to elicit an emotional response from your reader and compel an action – a subscription or purchase, for example. Readability, after all, is crucial, meaning your messaging must be depicted in fonts that create clarity of purpose, clarity of thought, and decisive action.


At DPrintWorldWide, we understand the importance of font and typography. We take it into account as part of your overall message, design, and market position. We have skills, experience, and expertise you can rely on to deliver your message with clarity. Contact us today for a consultation on how to choose font that makes your branding hit its target every time.