The Importance of Professional, Cohesive Graphic Design In Brand Awareness and Positioning

Why does your company need a cohesive, well thought out brand? First impressions are critical in this day of age of digital business. Businesses are moving and growing at the speed of light and your branding must keep up with it. Aside from telling your target audience what your business is about, good graphic design creates memorability, establishes your brand’s differentiators, and firmly establishes your corporate identity.

Graphic design is more important to your business than you think. Building a strong business presence through clear, cohesive branding does several important things for your business. It promotes brand recognition and lends an air of credibility and professionalism to your company. A corporate identity also heightens your visibility and supports the integrity and public perception of your brand.

Professional, cohesive graphic design is critical to brand awareness and positioning. Clear, concise, cohesive branding incorporates logo usage, creative typography, compatible color palettes, and imagery, to create attention-grabbing corporate, company-wide messaging. Working with an experienced graphic design team is a time and money saving method of positioning your business as an industry leader and a force to be reckoned with.

A corporate identity manual saves time and is cost effective because it simplifies the creative development process. To see true effectiveness, your company should work with your graphic design professionals to create a branding style guide. Lacking a consistent, creative branding strategy can lead to internal confusion for your team members, and external confusion for your target audience. This internal and external disambiguation leads to overall brand confusion and weakens your position in the marketplace. Strong, recognizable branding is important for your business because it depicts your value, reputation, and goals using easy to understand visual prompts and components.

Consistent graphic design positions and supports your business by telling your brand’s visual story, expanding your market and consumer reach, and generating new leads. Logo aside, there are many other moving parts that go into graphic design work

  • target market
  • company vision
  • brand promise
  • key message
  • brand personality and voice
  • company value proposition
  • unique selling points

Creating visual design and branding that connects with your ideal consumer and leads to increased profitability takes insight, planning, focus, and consistency. That’s why creating a solid, professional, cohesive graphic design scheme that increases awareness of your brand starts with a superior graphic design team. A good graphic design team will help you achieve those goals via research and development, creative guidelines, marketing moxie, and data analysis.

More than a logo, alone, branding is a feeling, an emotion, an experience. At DPrintWorldWide, we know the importance of graphic design, the psychology and responsive impact of color, the importance of consistency, the need for a style guide, the importance of building consumer trust, and the need to plan for the right now and for the future. Call us today for a brand critique, brand overview or brand evolution that helps create clarity and puts 77 years of graphic design experience at your disposal.