Ever Heard of Multi Technology Printer Capability? Here’s What It Means For Your Business

multi technology printer

multi technology printer

Graphic designers employ a plethora of technology tools in their business. Chief among those tools are printers. Designers use printers in two important ways. First, to test graphic work for scope, size, and color. Secondly, we use multi technology printers to produce finished products our customers love.


These aren’t the typical printers you might pick up at the office supply store to outfit your home office. They’re not the printers you purchase to equip your corporate or small business office. Designers rely on industrial printers with features and benefits like wide formatting and full bleed (print to the edge) capability. We also look for accurate cutting technology, and precision contour cutting. Color accuracy between what we see on the screen and what prints is also critically important.


Because we’re leaders in the graphic design industry, we make a point of equipping our staff as fully as possible. The corporations, small businesses and industries we serve rely on us for printing solutions that translate into beautiful graphic products. At DPrintWorldWide, we take our clients into consideration in every aspect of our business. That means we choose printer technology that allows us to deliver a profitable return on your branding investment.


We invest in ongoing equipment trainings that allow us to stay at the top of our industry. We invest in multi technology capable printers that meet certain requirements:

  • They offer responsible sustainability
  • They offer maximum productivity
  • They offer long term efficiency
  • They offer maximum flexibility


We take full ownership of technologies and solutions to promise the best products and support for our customers. Externally, multi technology printer functional allows us to maintain clarity and focus for our clients. Internally, it allows us to ensure years of functionality and error-free printing. It eliminates troubleshooting that slows down production. It reduces the consumption of power, allowing a measure of sustainability. It also lowers our carbon footprint and reduces our impact on the environment.


Here’s How The Multi Technology Printers We Use Translate Into Products:

Vehicle wraps promote your brand and message on corporate fleet and delivery vehicles. Wraps create an attention-grabbing, moving visual message. Wraps let you easily and affordably customize cars, boats, golf carts, airplanes, and motorcycles.


Custom nameplates make OEM equipment components and self-serve kiosks easy to identify. It’s branding that truly leaves a mark in its wake. Branding of self-service equipment and displays used by consumers is especially important. Interactive nameplates are strategic choices for indoor and outdoor usage.


Decals are low cost branding materials with a no-fuss installation process. They provide long-lasting, brilliant color and easy product identification and placement. Decals are an affordable pride-mark, easy to distribute giveaway, and work on virtually any surface.


You’ll make your mark with posters that grab attention in public places. Posters easily inform and educate your target market in a compact, affordable way. They install in minutes, are suitable for framing, and perfect for indoor branding.


Large-scale messaging grabs the attention of passing foot and vehicle traffic. Banners are the perfect way to do that. Banners let you send a temporary message in a surprisingly affordable way. Announce a grand opening, increase awareness of your brand, or become the center of attention. Indoor/outdoor banners make you the center attraction at company celebrations, parties and social or business events.


Catch the eye of passing traffic with signs that make announcements and compel action from your target audience. Easily connect prospects to your business, product, service or event. They’re a smart, convenient way to draw attention to real estate, business locations, and parking areas.


Product tags inform consumers in a variety of ways. Tags make consumers aware of inspection and safety records. They offer fundamental directions and information for proper usage. They allow companies to track inventory and allow consumers mark luggage and other personal belongings.


Multi technology printers allow us to make all the products above. These are the products you use to brand your products and service, get the attention of your ideal consumer, and compel actions that drive products, services and sales.