How DPrintWorldWide Can Help Your Business Create A Complete Brand Kit

No matter what product or service it sells, every business needs a brand. More than just a logo, your company’s brand consists of many elements that build consistency among your target market, trust among your ideal consumers, and awareness and recognition of your products and services. Your brand kit is made up of a logo, specific fonts and color palettes, and other identifying pieces that create your brand’s voice.

DPrintWorldWide knows how important it is for your business to use graphic design components to increase the value and perception of your business, provide team members with clear direction, and make it easier to acquire new customers. Your brand kit represents your target market’s perception of your business and its reputation. Let’s examine the ways a strong brand influences business growth.

A brand kit increases recognition of your brand and, in many cases, serves as the face of your business. Think of those famous golden arches, red bullseye, and bitten apple. Those companies are immediately recognizable because of their logo, color palette, and reputation. That’s the goal of a brand kit. It makes advertising easier, narrows your marketing focus, and speaks immediately to your target market. Additionally, a strong brand helps generate new customers by making it effortless for existing clients to refer new clients and by establishing your business as a leader in your industry. A strong brand kit is one of the most important elements of your marketing plan.

DPrintWorldWide helps you create a complete brand kit by building a brand’s platform that shares crucial information about your company. We use graphic design, visual appeal, and the psychology of color to communicate your brand, clarify your positioning statement, select a unique typography, promote your tagline and visual Identity, and create a memorable logo that compels action.

While there are some elements that are intrinsic to every brand kit, not two brand identity kits are alike. That’s why we work with each company to generate a brand identity specifically tailored to their unique needs. We even offer an outstanding, easy-to-use design tutorial with tips and suggestions on branding, design, fonts and colors. Additionally, we’ll sit down with you and walk you through our Product Consultation process. The Product Consultation helps us learn about your specific needs, while helping you identify the graphic applications you want and understand their most beneficial applications for your brand. In fact, we offer a plethora of services that help you build an attention-grabbing brand kit:

  • Free local delivery within 25 miles of Lakeland, Florida
  • Installation by members of PDAA (the Professional Decal Application Association)
  • DIY resources and VIP status so you can upload artwork and collaborate with us in real time
  • Technical support for top-of-the-line finishing and fabricating of your products
  • Color management that uses G-7 color management certification to ensure your products are always true to color

At DPrintWorldWide, we put nearly eighty years of experience into making your company a success story. From decals to posters to banners to signs to tags to wraps and nameplates, we design a brand kit that lets you increase your value, guide, direct, and motivate employees, and position yourself as an expert in your industry. That’s why we’re known as the “Can Do!” company – because if you need it for your brand kit, we can design and fabricate it to perfection.