The Difference Between Graphics and Graphic Design  

Just about every successful business and corporate structure uses some form of graphics and graphics design to reach their ideal clients. To make the most of graphics and graphic design for your business, it’s important that you understand the difference between the two, so let’s start there.

  • Graphics

Graphics are visual images, pictorial representations, and images generates by hand or computer. Some example of graphics, include logos, photos, line art, and engineered drawings. Graphics sometimes blend text, illustrations, and images in the creation process. Graphics can either be practical and functional or artistic and imaginative.

  • Graphic Design

Graphic design, on the other hand, is the methodical, purposeful selection and arrangement of graphic elements, typography, and the psychology of color to create visually appealing designs. Rather than creating single graphics, graphic designers create items like posters, vehicle wraps, brochures, and other promotional and advertising pieces that appeal to consumers and drive sales and profitability to businesses and corporations.

Did you know graphic design is often – and aptly – called communication design? Communication design is apt because the goal of graphic design is to communicate and project ideas and experiences using visual and contextual content. Graphic design is used to familiarize a specific group of people with a product, service, brand, or company. It creates a resonance that speaks to a need and solves a problem.

Unlike graphics, graphic design is not a single element. Instead, it’s a design and communication process. A process that develops beneficial branding and considers all parts and aspects of a business and its reputation, growth, and development. Graphic design is developed and created by understanding the goal of the company, the thought process and purchasing progression of the target consumer, and the way the flow of colors, fonts, and imagery allow consumers to establish a relationship with a particular brand. Additionally, graphic designers create impactful, interactive designs customers and potential customers use to navigate through the buying process from introduction to information to familiarity to purchase.

Experience in the total design process from concept to delivery is the hallmark of an outstanding graphic designer. The graphic design team at DPrintWorldWide is comprised of highly creative visual engineers with expertise and skills that help you position your business in its best visual light. The difference between graphics and graphic design is similar to the difference between a logo and a brand. The graphic design service we offer puts our 77 years of experience to work creating complete branding kits, expert screen and digital imaging, and outstanding digital printing.

Like all good graphic designers, we expertly combine branding, design, fonts, and colors to create a visual depiction of your company or corporation. Our graphic design process begins with a thorough consultation. We’ll discuss your preferences in size, quantity, and options. Our designers also will assist you in developing products like decals, posters, banners, signs, tags, wraps, and other items that create and compliment your overall brand. Our design process uses color management, consumer experience, and superior quality to produce the branding and promotional products you need to put innovation, quality, and creativity at your fingertips.