Create A Full Suite of Branded Networking Tools

networking tools

Successful entrepreneurs know the importance of creating products and services that speak right to the solutions their target market needs. They also understand how critical networking is to the success of their small business.  Networking is an inexpensive way to build brand exposure, introduce new products and services, and create a community of supporters. One of the keys to making your networking efforts effective is creating a suite of branded networking tools.

Marketing your business through networking means more than meeting only the people in the room with you. It means creating the potential for connecting with all the people they know who might become potential clients. That’s a huge part of why leaving marketing materials in their hands is so important – because they have something branded to put in other hands when they recommend your business.

Attending a variety of networking events lets you reach different segments of your target market. Creating custom networking tools that speak to each segment is a smart move. At MYDPRINT, we make those tools easy to create. Our design tool gives you access to our incredible library of images, clipart, layering and masking tools, and fonts. They allow you to use color theory and psychology, words and slogans, and your own logo and brand message to create effective networking products.

Because they’re distributed by hand, business cards, postcards, and flyers let you get close to your potential clients and personally engage with them. Once you’ve created your custom networking tools, follow these best practices for putting them to work in their most effective manner:

  • Perfect your elevator speech. A short (30 second or less) introduction that contains your name, business name, and the solution your business provides is key. Make sure you include this same information on each of your marketing pieces.
  • Talk to each prospect before you pitch to them. When you give others the opportunity to tell you about themselves and their business first, you increase the probability that they’ll listen when you do the same. It also gives you the opportunity to know if they’re a good fit for your business because networking works best when it’s targeted to the right audience.
  • Give out more than one marketing item at a time. Ask each person you’re handing a business card, postcard, or flyer to if they have other connections who need what your business offers. Give them multiple items and ask them to share them with the right people, and, of course, offer to do the same for them.
  • Share your passion for your business in two ways. Use your voice to engage and your marketing tools to leave your presence behind. There’s a business adage that says the money is in the follow up. The key to effective follow up is making your marketing tools memorable so that they speak to your target market in your absence.
  • Make follow up easy by including your logo, contact info, URL, and social media profiles on each of your marketing pieces. Combine those items with a compelling call to action and your target market is sure to respond.

Effective networking tools create strategic connections. Regular, focused networking – with the right tools in hand – is one of the best ways to position your small business brand for success. What networking magic can you create with your imagination and our design tool?