Children’s Photographers: Boost Sales By Turning Childhood Photos Into Memorable Wall Art

children’s photographers

Children’s photographers know the best way to market to parents is to tug at their heartstrings. That starts with taking amazing photos of their little ones. The truth is that successfully and creatively reaching parents is the key to successful marketing. What better way to reach them than with creative portraiture and jaw-dropping wall art? Transform their photos from typical school pictures and family photos to creative, playful, sophisticated images they’ll proudly display at home.

There are several creative avenues for children’s photographers to market themselves. Since photos are a visual medium, most of your marketing methods need to be visual as well. That’s why photography studios of all kinds rely heavily on social media and websites – because they’re visual. It’s also the reason print marketing works so well for photographers – because it’s visual and tangible. Direct mail campaigns featuring custom marketing postcards are a great way to give potential clients a glimpse of your work and direct them to your local studio or online presence.

Determining the marketing campaigns you’ll implement, decide on their end goals, and set a marketing budget. Those are the first steps to a successful marketing campaign. There are usually two goals of new marketing campaigns. The first goal is to reach new clients and make them aware of the products and services you provide. The second goal is to upsell to your existing clientele.

Aside from photo shoots, the other goal when clients and potential clients visit your photography showroom is to impress them with images of your work. Rather than traditional, standard-sized, framed images gracing the walls, imagine how impressed they’ll be when they visit your showroom and find huge, oversized photo prints in non-traditional fabrications. They’re eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and sure to increase your income. They’re also easy to create with our DIY photography design tool.

Savvy children’s photographers know parents love seeing beautiful wall art that features their children. They’ll imagine the same stylized photos of their own children and want to order them immediately. It’s a creative way to increase your order and satisfy your clients in one easy upgrade. Those same oversized, custom enlarged photos on display in your client’s homes are an easy road to referral marketing. When parents display your work with pride, friends, fellow parents, and especially grandparents will want similar wall art for their own homes because those photos evoke nostalgia, mark important passages of time, and cement family memories.

How Our Design Tool Works
Turn a standard photo into a stunning portrait with our wall art selections. Choose from a variety of photoprint options like glossy photo paper, matte photo paper, wood photoprints, gallery wrapped canvas, and metal photoprints. Our design tool makes it easy to customize each photo by simply uploading the selected photo to our design tool. Select a print fabrication, choose a finished size, position your photos, and click the submit button. We take over from there. Our professional, experienced team will produce and deliver a perfect product you and your clients will love.


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