Understanding The Consumer Response To Visual identity

visual identity

visual identity

What does your visual identity say to your consumers? Because we live in a fast-paced, digital society, your company’s visual messaging is more important than ever. In order for your brand’s name to appeal to those consumers, it must first capture their attention. Concerned about your company’s visual appeal? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your visual identity uphold your company culture?
  • Does it speak directly to your ideal client?
  • Is it immediately impactful and informative?
  • Is it contemporary?
  • Is it understandable at a glance?


The Primary Function of Visual Identity

Your visual identity is simply the picture that comes to the consumer’s mind when they hear your brand’s name. Here’s how Wikipedia defines the four basic functions of visual identity. “First, a corporate visual identity provides an organization with visibility and recognizability. Second, a corporate visual identity symbolizes an organization for external stakeholders, and, hence, contributes to its image and reputation. Third, a corporate visual identity expresses the structure of an organization to its external stakeholders, visualizing its coherence as well as the relationships between divisions or units. A fourth, internal function of corporate visual identity relates to employees’ identification with the organization.”


If your visual identity is doing its job, it should reap many benefits. It should peek consumer interest. It should prod consumers to make purchases. Visual identity preserves and enhances your brand’s appeal. It solicits an emotional response and opens the door for better communication. The main goal of visual identity is to tell the story of your company in pictures and graphics.


Why Your Visual Identity Should Tell A Story

Storytelling brings a humanness to your brand. In today’s world, people are attached to their smartphones during virtually every waking hour. That makes visuals that work well on mobile devices especially important. Visual storytelling uses graphic design and infographics to reach new market shares. Visual identity also allows brands to leverage the power of social media.


Brands that make the most of their visual identity stand out among their competition. They position themselves as leaders in the minds of their target audience. Their visual identity and appeal begins to function as attraction marketing. The visual identity your graphic designer creates should be distinct. It should help you stand out in a crowded industry. It should clearly depict the products and services you offer.


The graphic design team at DPrintWorldWide knows the importance of visual identity for your company. We home in on the consumer’s response to the graphic designs we create. The graphic designs, branding, and visual components you choose must increase the value and perception of your business. They should also make it easier to gain new consumer interest and grow sales and profits. A strong visual appeal enhances business growth.


Contact us today. We’ll put nearly a century of graphic design, branding, and visual storytelling to work for you. We can help you develop a strong visual identity your ideal consumer will recall, remember, and respond to.