Excellence in Screen Printing and Print Technology

Screen printing is an art form that has been appreciated all over the world for centuries. However, as we have entered the world of more developed technology, newer processes like digital printing have also made their mark.

New technologies don’t necessarily diminish the significance of existing ones. Screen printing remains the most cost-effective and durable method of printing for many projects (the more quantity the more screen printing is a preferred alternative) when compared to digital printing. Color management is one area in which screen printing is preferable to digital printing as the color gamut is rich and true to Pantone standards. Screen printers can also print opaque white, reflective, fluorescent, phosphorescent and metallic colors that digital printers cannot.

Despite the age of commercial screen printing there are a number of reasons why professionals are still not letting go of the process:

  • Screen printing generates identical graphics in large runs with decreasing costs per unit.
  • There a multiple applications in which screen printing is considered to have more quality. For example, when it comes to line illustrations, solid and/or bold colors and small text, a professional will strongly prefer the method of screen printing.
  • Screen printing lays down brilliant, saturated color that digital printing cannot emulate. Savvy clients ask for a blend of the screen and digital processes to get the optimal benefits of each; for instance using screen printing to print a translucent white background or glossy topcoat for digitally printed images.
  • For outdoor use, screen printing has no equal in digital technology.


Dprint Screen Printing Services

Among the largest screen printers in the USA screen printing industry, Dprint is a prominent name associated with screen printing in Tampa and all over the USA. With an experience of 77 years in the business, Dprint has continually provided its clients with impressively finished products.

Dprint is also providing a comprehensive set of ancillary services related to screen printing in Tampa so that all the screen printing needs of customers can be met under one roof. From design expertise to product bulletins and personal consultations, Dprint is your ultimate solution for screen printing requirements.



If you are worried about what or how to create a design, Dprint has a licensed Adobe Creative Services design team with deep design knowledge. They know how to design for your application to give you optimal visibility and eye-catching appeal.



Not sure what material to use for printing? Dprint has an extensive multi-vendor data archive of product bulletins and a tech resource with 40 years of experience to recommend the appropriate material for your required application.


Color Management

Dprint is in pursuit of G-7 certification that will ensure you get the true colors you have selected, from pre-press to final product.


Additional Services

Dprint highly cares about its clients. Therefore, clients are treated to ultimate convenience. Free local delivery is available within 25 miles of Lakeland, Florida and standard shipment method (UPS Carbon Neutral) for other destinations.

Installation services are also available by Dprint, a member of the Professional Decal Application Association (PDAA). Moreover, friendly technical support is available for all kinds of queries clients may have.

Repeat customers are assigned a VIP status with which they can directly have portal access to Dprint. With the personal portal, clients can order and collaborate in real time; easily tracking the progress of their orders.

Dprint operates a SGP green-certified production facility. Most products are recyclable too; just inquire at time of estimate.