Call To Action Tips For Brick & Mortar Businesses

call to action tips

Call to action tips can give you great ideas on how to easily increase retail sales. When many business owners think about creating a call to action that draws customers and increases sales, they think only of online platforms. While clickable buttons, email sign ups, and blog subscriptions are effective marketing tactics, they don’t work for increasing in-store sales. For brick and mortar retailers, testing call to action tips can help your retail business reap more sales right in your store.

Your call to action tells your customer exactly what to do. It introduces an incentive and compels an action in very few words – sometimes, only in images. For retailers, it’s a powerful marketing tool – especially since your customer is already in your establishment. Check out these call to action tips that can help your business increase its bottom line.

Use Your Call To Action To Spotlight Product Benefits
Try creating signs that appeal to consumer needs like Heat & Eat In Two Minutes or Save Time With This Awesome Widget.

Make Your Call To Action Easy To Understand
A call to action in your store could be as simple as Buy One Get One Free. It tells shoppers exactly what to do, exactly how they’ll benefit, and exactly what they’ll save.

Use Your Call To Action To Increase Individual Sales
Try adding a call to action to product tags that tell your customers to group like items or complementary items together. Try something like Our Interchangeable Bands Are The Perfect Match For This Smart Watch.

Create A Call To Action Outside Your Store
Draw potential customers a map to your register with call to action tips like Come In Today or Sign Up For Our VIP Club Inside. Lead consumers from the sidewalk to the register when you position purchases from the front door to the back of your store.

Use Humor In Your Call To Action
Everyone loves to laugh, so add a touch of appropriate humor to your call to action. For example. A bakery owner might have a sign that says something like Your Coffee Is Longing For Company positioned right beside a display of muffins or scones.

One last tip – keep your call to action short and make sure to tell customers to do one thing at a time. You wouldn’t create a sign that says, Come On In & Sign Up For Our VIP Club & Make A Purchase Today & Add Another Tempting Item To Your Cart At The Register, would you? Of course not. Instead, create a series of signs that create a total purchase path.

When you are ready to create effective calls to action that lead to higher individual sales and increased revenue, put these call to action tips to work in your business. Our graphic design team will work with you to design, deliver, and install the posters, signs, and product tags your brick and mortar store needs for success. Contact us today to experience the impact of graphic design and the unbeatable experience of our Can Do customer service.