The Simple Recipe For Branding & Wrapping Your Food Truck

branding and wrapping your food truck

Food trucks are a $900 million dollar a year industry. In many parts of the country, food truck season is just beginning. In other parts, it’s a year-round business. For some food truck owners, it’s a weekend hustle. For others, it’s an everyday gig. No matter which of these categories you find yourself in, you’ll want to market your food truck business. Branding and wrapping your food truck is the most efficient and effective method of marketing your business.

Your food truck’s wrap is one of your most important pieces of marketing material. It tells consumers exactly who you are and what food items you sell. It also establishes an identity and a personality in the mind of your ideal consumer. Branding and wrapping your food truck makes it easily and instantly recognizable – so it’s extremely important to wrap your truck correctly. The following ingredients will make your food truck a standout in a crowded market.

  • Start With A Professionally Designed Logo
    A good logo represents your brand, appeals to your target market, and communicates the type and quality of the food you sell.
  • Stir In Vibrant, Eye-Catching Colors
    Did you know research has shown the color red makes many people feel hungry? The color green is used to denote health, wholesomeness, and freshness. Be sure to incorporate these colors into your food truck wrap.
  • Add Identifying Information
    Include contact info like your phone number, website, and social media information. Be judicious – don’t add so much info that it gets confusing. Opt for bite-sized pieces of identifying info that can be seen and remembered at a glance.
  • Cover Your Entire Food Truck
    Make sure you create a 360° design. As your food truck moves through traffic, you want potential customers to see it from all angles. Do you live in a city with lots of high rises? Don’t ignore the top of your truck. Don’t overlook your service window, either.

As you’re working on all or part of your design, make sure your food track wrap looks good when your window is open and you’re serving customers. You can wrap one portion or your whole vehicle. All the details that go into branding and wrapping your food truck can be a lot to remember. After all, purchasing a vehicle wrap is one thing. Creating one is quite another.

If you want to have fun designing your own food truck wrap, visit our wrap design studio. Start with an existing template and choose a background color. Next, start browsing our gallery of graphics, where you can choose up to seven design elements. Once you’re satisfied with your design, email it to us along with a quote request. We’ll respond quickly telling you exactly what your wrap will cost, how long production will take, and explaining your delivery options.

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