3 Ways DPW Can Help You Create A Cohesive Attention-Grabbing Digital Branding Platform

digital branding

digital branding

Every businesses and corporation doing business in today’s digital climate must do so by building a digital branding platform.  A cohesive, attention-grabbing visual presence creates buzz for your brand that gets noticed by your target market. An effective marketing campaign must be visual, emotional, and compelling. The key to success in brand identity is cohesion. Visual components and graphic design create brand familiarity that leads to increased recognition and sales.


First, the graphic design team at DPrintWorldWide understands that a large portion of your marketing is visual. From business cards and brochures to vehicle wraps and nameplates, visual elements and your business reputation are what make your company easy to identify for consumers. Your digital branding platform must be cohesive. It must have a color palette, tell a visual story, and connect with the right audience. There are several guidelines that can help ensure that all-important cohesion.

  • Create a central focus that works across a multitude of visual platforms
  • Develop a central marketing focus for your overall brand
  • Include metatags in your images to help boost your SEO rankings


Secondly, once you’ve created your graphic images and boosted your brand’s story, you’ll want to make your images easy to find. How do you establish that cohesion? In addition to images and graphics, strive to consistently employ the same overall visual message. Using digital branding to make your company easily recognizable helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Another smart strategy is to ensure your brand uses a consistent voice to tell its story. Those meta tags we mentioned above help make your content shareable. Meta tags also create beneficial backlinks.


How To Establish A Cohesive Consistent Digital Branding Platform

Consistency and cohesion narrow your brand’s focus. The graphic design team at DPrintWorldWide leverages the power of consistency and cohesion in several ways. Consistent, cohesive graphics design creates transparency, trust, and credibility that translate into to sales. We develop strategic design areas to meet that goal and create a relationship between your company and ideal client.




Finally, we use typography to clearly, concisely convey your corporate message and culture. Our designers make sure fonts are easy to read, translate well in a variety of sizes, and incorporate your brand’s color story. Similarly, color often creates an emotional and psychological connection for consumers. That connection makes color one of the most important tools in our design arsenal. Their binding emotional link mean colors play a huge role in reaching your buyers. Consistent use of color establishes a major foothold for your digital branding platform.


Photos, images, and video also help cement your brand story. Consider these two important facts:

  1. Social media posts containing images see up to 58% more engagement than those without.
  2. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, second only to its parent company – Google.

Those two facts, alone, demonstrate the importance of the pictorial elements of your graphic designs. Visual storytelling is constantly gaining traction, making it crucial for your company to use this platform set itself apart from your competitors. It also emphasizes the need for professional visual elements that are properly incorporated, scaled and balanced.


When you’re ready to go from a simple logo to a complete, compelling, cohesive digital branding platform, call DPrintWorldWide at (800) 888-8545. We have the skills, experience, and tools to help create a digital marketing campaign your entire team will love, and your sought-after target market will respond to.