Wrapping Your Church Vans For Maximum Attention

church van

From small community churches to huge mega churches to temples, most houses of worship have a church van or other method of transportation. While its primary use is transportation, there are many other reasons for your church to own a van of its own. Picking up and dropping off Sunday morning attendees is only the start. Community transportation, group outings, day trips, senior citizen travel – these uses of your van do more than help your congregation and community get from Point A to Point B. They also help your message find its way around town.

When you’re purchasing or refurbishing a new bus or van for your church, you’d normally take the following factors into consideration: congregation size, community size, number of available and qualified drivers, gasoline budget, insurance, and maintenance costs, and driver and passenger safety. In addition to all those factors, you should consider other ways to use your church van to maximize exposure of your ministry in your community – and beyond.

Once you’ve worked out the cost, features and internal benefits of owning a bus or van for your ministry, consider the way it can help market and promote your church. Just about all of us have seen church vans with huge block letters displaying the name of the church and its pastors. Most church vans also have a slogan, address, phone number, and URL. When you’re considering purchasing a new – or new-to-you – van, you should definitely include all these important elements. A church van with simple block letters may seem like enough, but have you thought of wrapping your church van?

When you wrap your bus, van, or other ministry-related vehicle, in our durable, affordable vehicle wraps, you’ll not only point people in the direction of your faith-based community, you’ll pique their interest, grab their attention, and create word-of-mouth marketing buzz. When compared to block lettering, church vans that depict colorful, whole-vehicle wraps can feature any number of images that depict your congregation at work, at play, in prayer, and in action.

Your church can take advantage of the powerful marketing draw of church bus and van wraps to get your share of attention by embedding graphic designs and imagery onto their exterior with 360°wraps. A single bus or van wrapped in your ministry branding creates a visual impact that can garner as many as 70,000 views per day! In addition, survey results indicate that up to 95% of people say they remembered church vans and buses wrapped in bright, colorful graphic designs. That kind of increase in visibility and recognition dramatically improves the likelihood that new visitors will come into your church doors.

Additionally, with easily customizable wraps, your church van can be used to promote special events like your church anniversary, youth ministry events, Easter, Christmas, and other major religious holiday events, church picnics, and Sunday school. The list is endless – just like the possibilities. At DPRINT, we have the skill, talent, and ability to professionally, design, wrap, install, and deliver your church’s message by wrapping your vehicle in custom, personalized graphic designs. We have the dimensions and specifications of thousands of vehicles in our database, so there’s a good possibility we have yours as well. That makes creating your wrap fast, easy, and affordable. Contact us today to put your van or bus to excellent use and create the outreach message your ministry deserves.