Understanding Color Theory & Marketing

color theory

Your visual identity tells your desired consumers a lot about your company. Every choice you make in marketing and branding your corporation or small business adds a little more to your story. Your visual identity is the total picture you paint in the minds of your consumers. It’s the picture that comes to mind when they hear your company’s name and the thoughts and ideals that come to mind when they see your company’s branding. Understanding the psychology of color, color theory, color choices, and marketing methods will go a long way toward defining your visual identity.

Your visual identity consists of all the graphic design and graphic communication elements of your brand like color, shape, font and texture. The first job of your visual identity is to create and depict a solid, recognizable brand. Color – the way light is reflected off a surface and influences the rods and cones in your eyes – plays a huge role in marketing and branding. Here’s how color theory can help you do that.

Even if its branding consists solely of black and white or of the nostalgic sepia tones of vintage retailers, color theory plays a huge role in marketing and branding. For example, the descriptors ‘black and white’ and ‘sepia tones’ probably brought a clear and distinct picture to your mind. As you delve into color choices to represent your brand, your goal is to create those same feelings and evoke those same emotions in your consumers.

Hans Hofmann famously said, “In nature, light creates the color. In the picture, color creates the light.” In your digital and printed marketing products, the pictures or images you select to represent your corporation or small business create a lighted path for your consumer. Different colors give rise to different meanings and feelings, so choosing the colors that represent the culture of your business and the message of your brand are critically important. For example, orange can represent this month’s spooky holiday, or it can represent the freshness of autumn. Similarly, red can represent the crispness of an apple, or it represents the famous bullseye of a leading department store.

As you can see, your company’s visual message can be impactful and informative. It can make the difference between modern and historic, warm and cool, or trendy and timeless. We leverage color and design to create harmony and cohesion in the products we create to represent your brand. Those products can run the gamut from vehicle wraps (for city buses, food trucks, and small fleets), nameplates (for ATMS, hotel telephone systems, and self-service kiosks), and tags (for inventory tracking, equipment identification, and even luggage). At DPRINT, our graphic designers understand the power of color theory, color psychology, and color choices.

At DPRINT, we understand how to create a unique-to-you palette of colors that speak to your target audience, create easy brand recognition, and increase your bottom line. We take color theory and perception into account to help your business expand its reach, enlarge its audience, and build your brand. Contact us to schedule a Product Consultation and get started on your brand message today.