What Types of Businesses Benefit from Wall Murals?


A picture is worth a thousand words – we’ve all heard that saying. It’s certainly true when it comes to creating wall murals that enhance the ambiance of your business. A business that uses murals to attract customers creates a huge impact because they’re a strategic way to market your business. The benefits of murals include:

  1. They Work In Practically Any Brick & Mortar Location
  2. They Last Longer & Are More Durable Than Standard Paint
  3. They Make A Huge Statement & Leave A Lasting Impression
  4. They Keep Customers In Your Store Longer & Increase Revenue
  5. They Catch The Eye & Grab The Attention of Your Ideal Consumer

Wall murals are grand-format images – they’re HUGE decals that depict your brand, convey your message, and tell a story for your target market. They’re flexible, simple to install, and can camouflage an irregular interior wall or exterior building facade. Murals work on exterior walls because at DPRINT, we print murals on high- value, extremely durable, exterior-quality mesh fabrics. They’re an ideal way to leave your mark on a window, storefront, wall, or construction site.

Businesses That Benefit From Wall Murals

Almost any business can benefit from dressing its walls with colorful wall murals. Businesses where the public lingers for long periods of time are especially appreciative of engaging walls.

  • Retailers
  • Libraries
  • Theaters
  • Museums
  • Gift Shops
  • Toy Stores
  • Book Stores
  • Dance Studios
  • Coffee Houses
  • Corporate Offices
  • Conference Rooms
  • Co-Working Spaces

Need to display your company culture? Want to welcome visitors? Need to herald your brand and its message? Murals are a great way to do all three. Just like we create accent walls in our homes to guide the eye and draw attention, wall murals in your business serve the same purpose. You’ll also improve employee morale with colorful, interactive, branded walls. The creativity level of your retail and service location will get a major boost and you’ll uniquely emphasize your company’s culture, identity, and branding.

Color has an impact on consumer mood and behavior, allowing you to create an ambiance of serenity, energy, or creativity. Murals artfully employ the theories and psychology of color to engage your customers and guide their purchasing decisions. Finally, murals can provide important directions and distinctions. They can indicate a play area, purchase station, dressing area, assigned workstation, or sale or discount area.

About The Stunningly Superior Murals DPRINT Creates

Murals are made of white, pigmented, or clear vinyl. Suitable applications include walls, doors, dividers, pylons, storefronts, and fences. Your business can use wall murals to depict temporary or permanent messaging or to indicate directions, safety features, sales and promotions, safety and security, or to create branded décor.

Leave your mark. Tell your story. Build your brand. Say what you like, we’ll sign it…with murals. DPRINT uses an array of vinyl and reflective materials, brilliant fade-resistant ink, bold design, and expert installation to yield mural graphics that are unmistakably clear. When you’re ready to turn the walls of your business into a work of art, contact the graphic design team at DPRINT. We have the skills and experience to design, create, and install a one-of-a-kind work of art that will boost your visual identity, motivate your staff, and enthrall your target market.