Turn Your Coffee Shop Into A Local Small Business Hub

coffee shop marketing

Coffee shops were once thought of as places to hang out with friends or grab a cup of joe on the way to the office. Today’s coffee shops are as famous for being third places as they are for the delicious brews they serve. A third place is a community-based location separate and apart from home (considered the first place) and work (considered the second place). From huge coffee chains to indie coffee shops, small businesses frequently press these third spaces into use as offices. As an indie coffee shop owner, you know how important it is to connect with this substantial segment of your target audience. That makes coffee shop marketing that reaches small business owners a smart way to keep your establishment packed with customers.

Small business owners frequent coffee shops for a number of reasons – to relax, work, conduct interviews, hold meetings, and engage with clients. Because they have so many reasons to use your coffee shop, it makes sense to let them know you have the features and amenities they look for in a third location. That’s easy to do with targeted, branded, marketing and promo products.

MYDPRINT’s design tool lets you create exactly what you need to draw small business owners – and their clients – into your coffee shop. From wall murals to postcards to posters to exterior banners and signs, you can create the custom pieces you need to reach SBO’s and every other segment of your target audience. Our design tool works where you work – in the cloud, so when you create a user account, you can save images, set delivery preferences, and upload your existing logo and branding. It’s packed with design amenities like text wrapping, multiple image positioning, masking, and the ability to create unlimited color combinations and custom graphics.

While you’re creating your marketing and branding pieces, remember coffee shop marketing basics like featuring specialty coffees, new coffee blends, sales, discounts, and membership perks. Do you have free Wi-Fi? Are your seating areas amenable to intimate meetings? Are you seating areas also amenable to mid-sized and larger groups? Go the extra mile as well by listing the small business amenities you offer on every piece of your marketing material. Include your hours of operation and any other pertinent information that would tempt small business owners to try your shop.

Aesthetically pleasing doors and windows are also a great draw for small business owners and your local community as a whole. Coffee shops are famous for witty sayings, humorous quotes, and biting quips. With custom lettering and window decals, you can emblazon your storefront with trendy info and time-tested calls to action that bring passersby through your front door. Once they’re inside, your aromatic atmosphere, delicious coffee, and tasty treats will keep them coming back for more.

At MYDPRINT, we know the importance of small business marketing and the impact of independently owned coffee shops on the communities they serve. Our design tool partnered with your creativity, knowledge of your target market, and marketing moxie work together to create the ideal coffee shop marketing your storefront needs and your community responds to.