Turn Your Car Into A Marketing Machine With Personalized License Plates And License Plate Frames

personalized license plates and license plate frames

From your favorite sports team to your child’s artwork to your small business logo and branding, personalizing your car is a great way to support your favorite team, share parental bragging rights, or market your small business. Using the design tool at MYDPRINT, you can quickly and easily customize your vehicle by designing your own top-quality personalized license plates and license plate frames. No matter what cause you support, you can create your custom license plate and in a few simple keystrokes.

Our imprintable license plate frame is a durable, .025 white aluminum measuring 12”x6.5”. Our easy-to-use, easy-to-understand design tool is user-friendly and interactive. It allows you to highlight your own custom text or image and design a license plate that stands up to the elements. Browse our image gallery or upload your own images and sayings (make sure you own the license and/or rights to any images you upload). There’s no minimum order, which means you can get a single plate for your family car or an unlimited number of plates for your small business or corporate fleet. Who benefits from custom plates and frames?

  • Schools
  • Families
  • Sports fans
  • Dealerships
  • Corporations
  • Sports teams
  • Small businesses
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Mechanic and body shops

Our collaborative design tool allows you to create virtually any license plate you can dream of. You can bring awareness to a charity, set a small business apart, or make a personal statement. Our license plates frames are sturdy, durable, and unbelievably affordable. The DIY creativity tools we provide come with step-by-step instructions and 24-hour-a-day email support. Be sure to peruse our full suite of DIY marketing products that enable you to leave your one-of-a-kind mark.

At MYDPRINT, we give you the power you need to let your personalized license plates and license plate frames speak for you. Simply visit our website, choose license plate or license plate frame, select a size, and start customizing. Add text, like a small business tagline or slogan, a family name or motto, or a favorite quote or saying. You also forego the verbiage and add imagery instead – or go for a pleasing combination of both. Team mascots, small business logos, or family art make your car a thing of beauty, a mobile picture frame, or an in-motion marketing method.

Once your personalized license plates and license plate frames are fully designed and completed to your satisfaction, click the submit button, and we’ll take over. We quickly produce your items, package them for shipping, and will have them at your door in record time. In other words, you design, we print. Your inspiration and MYPRINT’s design tool and production facility combined with your creativity and our Can Do spirit make the perfect partnership.

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