Transportation Service Owners: Custom Vehicle Wraps Can Drive Your Fleet Toward Success

transportation service

From rideshare companies to professional movers to daycare centers to senior citizen vans, transportation remains a rapidly growing industry. Whether your transportation service boasts a fleet of vans, a crew of buses, or a single vehicle, your goal remains the same – growing your clientele by increasing awareness of your brand. One of the best marketing tactics for transportation-based services is uniquely and creatively branding every vehicle in your fleet.

One of the challenges every business owner runs into is coming up with new and effective ways to market and promote their businesses. Reaching new clients is easier than you might think – particularly if your company is a transportation provider. The cars, vans, and buses in your service fleet represent your business every time they take to the streets. Custom vehicle wraps promote your business each time they pick up riders and each time they drop them at their locations. They’re also advertising your business when they’re on the road and when they’re parked.

Custom vehicle wraps mean your branding gets noticed and your business gets a boost every time your vehicle is seen for any reason. Our design tool lets you maximize your marketing dollars by creating a custom wrap for your vehicle in a few easy steps. Visit our design tool’s wrap feature and select your vehicle’s make and model. After you choose a background color, choose images from our clipart collection or upload your own logo, photos, and clipart. Choose the right font and add the verbiage you prefer to grab the attention you need.

The wraps we create for your transportation service are made of the highest quality materials around. They won’t damage your vehicle’s paint or body; they’re affordable and durable; they create a moving monument to your brand, and they draw attention every time they’re on the road. Our team of professional designers and installers will ensure your wrap meets all the right criteria, is flawlessly produced, and perfectly installed. Check out these three tips for creating a successful vehicle wrap to represent your brand:

  • Get maximum impact from your vehicle design by focusing on creating a wrap that covers the view of your vehicle – and includes contact info – from every angle.
  • What information should you include in your vehicle wrap? Your company name, logo, telephone number, and URL. Make sure the font you choose is bold and easy to read at a glance.
  • Create a design that maintains its integrity when doors are opened, windows are repositioned, and riders are boarding and exiting your vehicles.

How will you wrap your vehicle or fleet to create a colorful, successful start to 2019? Click here to start quickly and easily designing a custom vehicle wrap for your transportation service.

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