Tradeshow Strategies For Startups & Entrepreneurs

tradeshow strategies

For most product-based small business owners, tradeshows are the gold standard for getting their products into the marketplace. Tradeshows have three main objectives. Those objectives are to introduce and test new products, to grab – and keep – the interest and attention of potential buyers, and to increase awareness of their brand. With these three goals in mind, let’s go over a few of the best tradeshow strategies for startups and entrepreneurs to ensure a successful event that meets all your marketing goals.

When you decide to invest time, money, and manpower into tradeshow attendance, one of the first things you’ll want to do is ensure a high ROI (return on investment). Strategic marketing is the best way to get the ROI you want, and your business deserves. Strategic marketing means branding and positioning your products to the right people at the right time. The following marketing strategies will help ensure your products gets the attention they deserve.

  • Pre-Planned Positioning
    If you’re allowed to choose your booth’s location, try to ensure you’re positioned beside a business that compliments yours. For example, a bridal boutique owner and a statement jewelry maker positioned side-by-side draw the same target audience without competing with each other and can help each other create sales opportunities. Think of the booth beside yours as a temporary strategic partner.
  • Top-Notch Team Members
    Of all the tradeshow strategies you put into play, choosing the right team members is key. A tradeshow booth is no place for warm bodies and lukewarm sales pitches. Instead, man your booth with friendly, outgoing team members who are well-versed in your product, knowledgeable about your ordering process, and eager to interact with potential buyers.
  • Bid Your Booth Goodbye
    Use informational flyers, marketing postcards, and fun giveaways to draw people to your booth. Today-only discounts, word-of-mouth, and product demonstrations are also great ways to lure potential buyers to your booth. The point is to avoid standing in your booth waiting for buyers to find you instead of going to wherever they are in the tradeshow hall and drawing them to your booth.
  • Build A Better Booth
    Creating a booth that draws all eyes to you is one of the best tradeshow strategies you can employ. With our innovative design tool, you can design and create everything you need for tradeshow success: standard and retractable banners, display canopies, table throws and covers, flutter flags, imprintables, and banner cases. Of course, every product we offer has durability and stability built right into it, but you can also create evergreen (undated) tradeshow banners and displays to increase their longevity.

Make your tradeshow strategies work by creating a goals list for each tradeshow you attend. Your goals list starts with understanding your target audience, knowing what appeals to them, and knowing how to reach them before and after each event. Post-tradeshow follow up is key. That’s why the follow up in the aftermath of a tradeshow is a major part of your success. Will your target market respond better to emails, product samples, phone calls, social media, or your website? Knowing the answers to these questions will make your follow up strategy work magic.


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