Three Critical Elements of Effective Corporate Branding

corporate branding

A solid corporate brand includes many key elements, the most important of which is your corporate logo. It clearly identifies you and the products and services you offer to your staff, shoppers, and suppliers. Starting with your logo, everything the public sees adds to their perception of your corporation. That makes creating the right corporate branding critical to your success.

Having a strong, cohesive, clearly defined corporate identity is the first goal of corporate branding. The secondary goal is creating a corporate presence that speaks to your target market and turns them into shoppers. When your marketing department develops your style sheet and brand guidelines, they create three important branding components that define your corporation. It increases awareness of your brand, boosts brand recognition, and increases the likelihood that consumers will return to you pre and post-purchase. Corporate branding and marketing are a powerhouse combination of logo, color, and font recognition. Here’s why each element is so important.

Just as a round, green emblem brings a specific coffee brand to mind and a red bullseye brings a specific department store to mind, the purpose of your logo is to create a feeling and memory in the minds of the public. It’s chief goal is to speak to your target market on site and around the clock. Your logo is an image that embodies the heart of your corporation, speaks to the heart of your consumer, and grabs – and keeps – their attention. Ideally, it’s easy to interpret, easy to recognize, and easy to recall.

As evidenced by the huge tractor corporation who uses green as its main color and the soothing, tranquil blues often used by wellness corporations, the color choices corporations choose make a huge difference in the way they’re perceived by the public. Color choices should be made based on a thorough understanding of your products and services, your brand’s personality, and your target market’s preferences. For example, the vibrant, primary colors a children’s brand might choose wouldn’t convey the same message when used for an auto manufacturer.

Think about the world’s most famous mouse and the world’s most famous burger. You’d never mistake those two fonts for each other or mistake them as belonging to any other brand. The fonts chosen by one corporation may not work for another. The fonts you choose should match the overall personality of your corporation and its logo and message. Additionally, if a font is created for you, its repeated use and exposure to the public make it part of your brand. All these corporate branding elements go into creating everything from imprintables and promotional giveaways to exterior and interior advertising to business cards and postcards. It’s also displayed on vehicle and fleet wraps, posters and flyers, and in your digital presence.


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