Thinking About A Small Business Brand Makeover? Ask Yourself These Ten Questions

small business brand makeover

Making the decision to create a makeover for your business is a big one. Are you considering a brand makeover for your small business? Perhaps you’re debating the merits, pros, and cons of a small business brand makeover. There are many valid reasons for redesigning your brand. Ask yourself these questions to help make the decision to stick with your current brand or start over with a new one:

  1. Does your current branding reflect the preferences of your ideal consumer?
  2. Is your current brand simply outdated?
  3. Has your target market changed significantly?
  4. Does your brand tell the right story for your business?
  5. Is your existing brand easy to understand and interpret?
  6. Is yours a family business being passed to a new generation?
  7. Are you combining multiple brands into one cohesive presence?
  8. Will a redesign alienate the majority of your existing client base?
  9. Have different segments of your target market recently emerged?
  10. Will redesigning your brand open new marketing avenues for your business?

Your answers to these questions can start you on the path to creating a whole new identity for your small business. As you answer each question, keep in mind that a brand makeover doesn’t need to mean a complete redesign. It could just mean freshening and upgrading a brand that has become dated or stagnant. It might also mean creating a different version of an existing brand to reach a new market share or segment. For example, a grocer, restaurant, or café might work on redesigning their logo to reach carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free eaters, or Keto enthusiasts.

Understanding the goal of your small business brand makeover is the first step toward making a redesign work. These design and creativity ideas can help you choose the design and style elements that go into your brand makeover. Take a cue from your competition, but do not copy them and do not feel afraid to veer away from conventional wisdom. If every one of your competitors is doing it, it probably has enough merit for you to consider using it in your redesign. Conversely, doing something completely different from your competitors, makes you instantly stand out from the crowd.

If your target market changes, you might need to update your brand to successfully reach a new demographic. Those changes might even be due to changes in generations. For instance, what spoke to the women of fifty years ago will not reach the women of today. Similarly, the toys and recreational pastimes of yesteryear’s children will vary greatly from the marketing and branding required to reach the video game and electronic toy era of today’s youth.


Our small business design tool is exactly what you need whether you’re starting from scratch or recreating a design based on an existing brand presence. It has all the options you need to put your creativity to work for you. You’ll find design features like our extensive font collection and clipart library. You can create a color story from our color palette, use our image layering tools, and choose from more than 300 marketing and branding products. A small business brand makeover might be just the thing your business needs to pique new interest and create an influx of new business.