The Incredible Versatility of Custom Door & Mirror Hangers

custom vinyl door hangers

Custom vinyl door hangers and rear view mirror hangers give your small business an affordable, easily portable, simple, straightforward way to promote, advertise, and market your products and services. They also serve as an effective way to mark specific parking spaces and other designations. They grab needed attention, display priority messaging, and are a cinch to hang and display.

Uniformly cut hanging slits and holes mean they fit any doorknob or rearview mirror. Because everyone enters and exits their home through the door, when you use custom vinyl door hangers as marketing tools, you turn those doorknobs into your personal brand ambassadors. Similarly, because everyone uses their rear view mirror, you get the same every-eye-on-me attention from your vehicles.

Business Models That Benefit From Custom Vinyl Door Hangers

  • Realtors
  • Restaurants
  • Landscapers
  • Local political campaigns
  • Hotels and vacation rentals
  • Fitness centers and wellness spas
  • Rideshare and transportation services

Speak to your customers even in your absence with MYDPRINT’s durable, vinyl door hangers. What can you use them to say? Inform customers and passersby of operating hours – let customers who arrive early or late know when you’ll be available to serve them; indicate contact info – tell customers how to reach you during your off hours or in the event of an emergency; promote sales – cheerful holiday-themed door hangers tell special, holiday season discounts. The uses are virtually limitless.

Do Not Disturb Door Hangers
Whether you’re running and Airbnb, traditional bed-and-breakfast, office, or production facility, there are always times when you – or your customers – need to quiet time. Do not disturb signs are a polite, effective way to guard your time when needed.

Designated Parking Rear View Mirror Hangers
Handicapped placards can help display your right to park in particular spaces. You can create your own rear view mirror hanger and park worry-free in closer, easier-to-navigate parking spaces. Be sure to check with local authorities to ensure your rear view mirror hanger meets at applicable laws and regulations. You can also use them to identify cars and fleets specific to your company.

Portable Office Door Hangers
Does your business take advantage of co-working spaces? Do you host regular events with breakout sessions and workshops? Evergreen (undated) door hangers allow you to position and reposition team members and workshops as needed.

Custom marketing and informational hangers are a simple addition to your business’s door or to your car’s rear view mirror and highly visible wherever you use them. The rigid vinyl makes them easy to clean and care for, bending and tearing resistant, and are precision die cut to fit where they’re needed. The custom vinyl door and mirror hangers you create with our design tool let you draw needed attention and create special provisions without eating up valuable floor space. Start creating yours by choosing the size of your custom vinyl door hangers, then add images from our vast library or upload your own logo, branding, and images. Add font – including custom font – and make it uniquely yours.

At MYPDRINT, we equip small business owners with the tools they need to create DIY marketing campaigns that get noticed. How will your creativity help your business leave its mark?