The Critical Role of Graphic Design In B2B Sales

b2b sales

Unlike businesses who sell directly to consumers (B2C), B2B businesses sell their products and services to other businesses. B2B sales are different from B2C sales because they usually feature a higher price point and higher sales volume per sale and involve a longer sales cycle with various touchpoints before a sale is made. Also, B2B sales must typically pass through a variety of people in the business making the purchase prior to final approval of the sale. Because that’s true, the role of graphic design in B2B sales takes on a higher level of importance.

One of the most important jobs of graphic design is to create a clear, clean, concise, cohesive line between buyer and seller. One of the ways that happens is by ensuring every buyer touchpoint is relatively the same. It’s a smart strategy for avoiding confusion and for establishing professionalism and recognizability. In other words, when the sales team reports to the purchasing department who reports to the executive staff who, in turn, reports to the CEO, every piece of sales material that represents your company has the same look and feel. That doesn’t necessarily mean each piece is identical, but it does mean each piece is cohesive.

Cohesiveness in graphic design goes far beyond same-ness. It means creating a personality and tone for your firm. It means working with your graphic design team to implement the psychology of color, develop the most appealing typography, and choose the right wording to elicit a positive response from your target market and theirs. Concise, cohesive graphic design can help simplify sales presentations, simplify the sales process, improve efficiency for the sales team, and make the road to sales more streamlined by pointing out the features and benefits of the purchasing company doing business with your company.

An experienced, professional graphic design team – like the industry pros at DPRINT – can guide you in your B2B graphic designs in many ways. Your graphic design team will:

  • help you establish and determine your sales and marketing strategy
  • help you create a suite of products and services that meet your specific needs and fall within your budget
  • show you how to use graphic design to establish a competitive edge and showcase your unique value proposition
  • guide your selection of colors, fonts, shapes, and other design elements

Powerful, effective graphic design helps your company incorporate critical information into your B2B sales graphics. That information includes telling your buyer who you are, what you sell, why they should purchase from you versus your competitors, and what benefits they’ll reap by doing business with your firm. Coupled with a strong call to action and contact information, your brand will experience a surge in interest, engagement, and sales.

Is your company poised to grow its B2B sales using the principles and properties of graphic design? At DPRINT, we have the best graphic design team in the business. Our CanDo spirit and client-centered customer service means we’ll work with you to create, design, and deliver graphic design products and services that help your business create a seamless road to success.