Promote Your Small Business With Custom Vinyl Marketing Banners

small business marketing banner

Whether product or service based, every small business must have a strategic, comprehensive marketing plan. That plan must consist of a mix of old school and digital marketing methods. That means postcards, flyers, and banners are as important to your small business as having a social media presence, online reviews, and a robust website. Because of their high visibility, a small business marketing banner – or a series of them – is a must-have part of marketing. Their versatility and portability mean they can be used in your store or office, at live events, and for exterior marketing.

Why choose vinyl banners to mark your business? Check out these features and benefits:

  • Vinyl banners are easy to hang and display
  • Vinyl marketing banners are affordable and effective
  • Vinyl banners are ideally suited for versatile indoor use
  • Vinyl banners are lightweight, and easily portable making them easy to use and transport
  • Vinyl banners are easy to customize with our DIY marketing software making it easy for your business to get an edge on the competition

Click Here To Start Customizing Your Vinyl Marketing Banner
Start by choosing the size of your banner – available sizes range from 31.5”x78” to 120”X60” – and click the red Design It button. That awesome little button takes you to our design tool where you can choose images and text for your banner. If you choose the larger sizes, you’ll have much more space to fill. Be sure to put that space to good use by creating large, bold lettering and attention-grabbing images. Your small business marketing banner should be easy to read at a glance. It should also depict your URL, social media icons, and contain at least one way to contact you.

Choose fonts and images from our vast library or upload your own – just be sure you have the rights or licenses to any uploads you choose. When you complete your banner design, submit it to us for printing and production. The small business marketing banners we create at MYDPRINT are flexible, feature fully finished, taped edges, and are made of sturdy 10 oz vinyl. Our in-house production facility will perfectly fabricate your banner using responsibly sourced materials. When it’s perfect, we’ll ship it right to your door.

Small business marketing banners help grow your business because they increase the visibility of your logo and brand. Because they can be hung and displayed in a variety of ways, they’re ideally suited for in-store or in-office use and live events and promotions. You know your target market better than anyone because getting to know them and their needs is a huge part of building your business. Using your knowledge of your ideal consumers, innate creativity, and design ingenuity, you can create the colorful graphics and compelling calls to action your ideal consumers will respond to.

Finally, the variety of sizes we offer mean you can create – and strategically position – multiple vinyl marketing banners. Position one at your door to entice customers into your store or office or use a vinyl banner as a table drape at live events. Small business marketing banners are cost-effective, attention-grabbing, versatile, and portable. Click here to start creating your small business marketing banner TODAY.