Print To Digital: The Importance of Cohesive Marketing

cohesive marketing

What are your goals when you create and build a small business or corporate brand? Like most business owners, you probably want to create a brand that depicts the personality of your business, shares your message, and draws customers to you. Of course, your branding and marketing goals should include increasing awareness of your brand and building a solid presence. One way that happens is with clear, consistent, cohesive marketing.

Consistent, cohesive marketing creates a crystal clear picture for your ideal consumer and cements your image in their minds. It means your business should set a tone and create an image, then share it everywhere. Use the principals of cohesive marketing to make sure your website, business cards, banners, social channels, and storefronts tell one story. Here are five additional marketing and branding steps you can take to ensure your business has a one voice/one sound clarity.

  • Pick an image or series of images to represent your brand – and stick with them. Consistency breeds familiarity and lets your target market know you when they see you.
  • Design a logo – or work with a professional graphic designer who can create one – that speaks to your target market and tells your story at a glance.
  • Opt for graphic design elements that stand the test of time – choose a color story and font that fit your brand and helps you stand head and shoulders above your competition.
  • Create a visual identity and stick with it – but don’t be afraid to adapt to changing times and trends or to consider a rebrand when your existing brand becomes outdated or redundant.
  • Make sure everyone who represents your business – graphic designers, marketers, social media managers, retail employees, content creators, and corporate executives – all tell the same story.

Think about the retailer with the big red bullseye, the clothier whose name and logo are on their back shoulder, the chips that come in a cylinder versus a bag, or the fast food restaurant chain that features a pair of golden arches. You didn’t need to read the name of any of those companies to be able to identify them, right? That’s the kind of brand recognition that comes with repetition and effective, consistent, cohesive marketing.

Cohesive marketing has an internal advantage as well – it helps keep your team focused, connected, and on track. Clear vision and shared goals help increase productivity for you and your team because strength comes in numbers, it’s easier to hit a target when everyone is aiming for it, and customers will appreciate the professional air that comes from a unified vision.

We can help you design, create, and install all the pieces that make up an entire suite of marketing products. Our team can help you design every piece of printed marketing collateral your business needs. From posters to corporate interiors to vehicle wraps to tradeshow and conference displays, if your business needs it for effective marketing and compelling branding, we have it. When you’re ready to give your brand the marketing edge it deserves, contact the graphic design team at DPRINT and put the power of graphic design to work for your business.

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