Mousepads, Coasters, Magnets and Other Corporate Giveaways   

corporate giveaways

Everyone loves getting things for free. Especially things they’ll actually put to good use. Promos and giveaways are a smart, affordable way to attract the attention of your ideal consumer. Tradeshows, grand openings, and career fairs are just a few of the places where you can use these types of corporate giveaways. They’re an easy way to cultivate a good relationship with clients and potential clients. They also increase awareness of your business and brand, often serving as portable branding.

Corporate giveaways can be used to strategically target the specific interests of your audience. For example, a company in the tech space might give away mouse pads, thumb drives, or external hard drives emblazoned with their brand. These items are likely to see frequent use and put your name in the regular line of site for key clients. A winery or restaurant would use coasters or refrigerator magnets to achieve the same purpose among patrons and foodies.

Why Are Corporate Giveaways So Popular?
It’s simple. They’re an easily affordable option that leaves a lasting and portable impression. They’re perfect for stuffing swag bags for conferences and other large-scale events geared toward your target market. They make good prizes for live and social media contests. They also work as gifts at a grand opening or other live event at your brick and mortar locations. The key is to identify the best giveaway items to represent your company. Keep these five ideals in mind when choosing your promotional giveaways.

  • Choose items your target market will use in the presence of their peers (who are also members of your target market)
  • Make sure your mousepad, coaster, magnet and other corporate giveaways are clearly emblazoned with your brand’s image and URL
  • Customize your selected items to each segment of your target market
    • Use white or ivory items as a giveaway at a bridal show
    • Use bright, primary colors for giveaways at a children’s store
  • Avoid disposable items your intended target won’t keep or find long-term value in

Customers love to do businesses with companies who support the same causes they support. Does your company sponsor a local or national charity? Is your company an advocate of environmental sustainability? Make sure you indicate that, and other unique selling points, on your promo pieces.

At DPRINT we use multiple printing technologies to make mousepads, coasters, magnets, and a variety of corporate decals. Draw attention to your tradeshow or career fair booth with any of these products that highlight your company. Do you regularly mail products to your customers? Corporate giveaways easily serve as a value-added, low-cost inclusion in those mailed deliverables. Have you designed a brand on your own or in-house and need them printed and delivered by a company you can trust? We can do that for you at MYDRPINT.

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