Marketing & Branding For Fashion Brands

marketing for fashion brands

Every business in the world depends on some form of marketing to get the word out about its products and services. For many small businesses and corporations, that means relying on graphic design, graphic communication, and visual identity.  More than almost any other business model, fashion brands depend heavily on visual marketing to get the attention of their ideal consumers. That makes marketing for fashion brands and graphic design a perfect marketing and branding duo.

Because it’s such a visual consumer product, marketing for fashion brands absolutely must include digital items such as a visually appealing website and robust social media channels. Of course, your fashion brand should also leverage the power of graphic design and print marketing for items like posters, signs, and banners that feature your logo and branding and guides consumers to online ecommerce shops and local brick and mortar retailers who carry your merchandise.

These same marketing items can guide your ideal consumers to your retail or flagship store, design studio or showroom, and upcoming events like fashion shows, fashion weeks, and trunk sales – ongoing and important events in the lifespan of a fashion brand. No matter where your fashion brand fits on the following list, it needs the right mix of uniqueness and graphic design to make its marketing effective in reaching the right consumer.

Ten Types of Fashion Brands

  1. Women’s apparel
  2. Men’s apparel
  3. Children’s apparel
  4. Shoe designers
  5. Jewelry and accessories
  6. Bridal gown designers
  7. Tuxedo designers
  8. Retro and vintage retailers
  9. Prom dress designers
  10. Swimwear designers

Fashion is more than what your target market wears, it’s what they think, what they believe, and, more importantly, how they feel in your merchandise. That’s why marketing for fashion brands involves a good deal of storytelling. Your brand needs to tell consumers the story behind your ‘why’ and how your brand can enhance their lives.

What will make your dress more appealing than a similar dress to Consumer A? To answer that question, you need to know what your consumer cares about – then you need to tell them that you know what they care about. For example, If your target consumer cares about sustainability and the environment, your marketing and branding need to tell them that your materials are responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly.

Similarly, if your ideal consumer cares about class and luxury, your marketing and branding need to tell them about the high quality and opulence of your finished products. Likewise, if you’re a children’s retailer, your marketing and branding need to tell parents that your products can withstand the rigors and demands of ordinary wear, tear, and play.

When you’re ready to leverage the power of consumer knowledge, graphic design, consumer appeal, and visual identity for marketing and branding your business, call the teams at DPRINT. Our graphic design team, production team, and installation team can help maximize your marketing dollars with the best product designs, delivery, and installation around. Contact DPRINT today to start building a powerhouse marketing arsenal your fashion brand can be proud of.