Make Printable Graphic Design & Social Media Work Together

marketing and branding

Like most corporations and small businesses today, yours probably relies on a mix of online and offline sales and engagement. Reaching all the consumers in your niche can mean you need to reach a variety of subsegments in addition to your main audience. Imagine if 40% of your audience shops online and that’s the only portion you’re currently reaching. Not good, right? That means you’re missing out on a huge subsegment of your audience. It also means your marketing budget needs to do double duty and reach consumers in both ways. That can be challenging for many businesses. That’s why we’ve collected these eight ways you can integrate your online and offline marketing and branding.

  1. Hashtags are the indexes of social media marketing. Printed marketing collateral like posters and banners are a good way to popularize your hashtags offline. Simply choose easy-to-remember hashtags that are unique enough not to be confused with others.
  2. Your business should be using calls to action online and off. Choose effective, compelling calls to action that encourage online clicks and offline purchases. Add them to your promo pieces, business cards, store windows, and product tags for maximum exposure.
  3. Do you want offline shoppers to frequent your online store and help boost your online presence? Make it easy for them by adding your social media icons to your offline marketing avenues to create a clear path.
  4. Are you hosting an in-store contest, grand opening, or special event? Encourage shoppers to take selfies in your venue and share them with online review sites and post them to your social pages. Make it work in both directions by asking online shoppers for the okay to use their testimonials and reviews on banners and product tags in-store.
  5. Make marketing and branding easy to recognize online and offline by building consistency into both methods of advertising. Brand your business with an easy-to-remember URL. While you’re at it, make sure your URL is on every piece of printed material you use to market and brand your business.
  6. Let your online and offline presences drive traffic to each other. Try posting exclusive in-store discounts and freebies online to drive shoppers into your stores. It works in reverse, too. Try adding discount codes for online purchases to in-store product tags.
  7. Follow the lead of many grocery store chains and offer customers the ease of ordering online and picking up prepacked orders at their local store. Everyone from busy moms to busy executives will appreciate this kind of service.
  8. You know those SEO-optimized keywords you use to drive traffic to your online stores? Integrate those same keywords into your offline marketing and branding. They’ll reach the same target market and increase marketing and branding familiarity even more.

Marketing and branding are the hallmarks of your business. They’re what sets you apart from your competition and what tells your customers a product belongs to you instead of your competitor. Getting it right is as important to your business as reaching the right people. Contact the graphic design team a DPRINT and start putting your best marketing foot forward.