Live Event Posters That Open Doors For Event Planners

live event posters


Small business owners hire – or become – event planners to get huge groups of their target market into one venue at one time. Live events – and live event posters – are effective marketing tools for authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, bands, sports teams, graphic designers, caterers, educators, artists – the list is endless. It’s a smart marketing tactic and a great way to introduce your small business and its products and services to a large share of your ideal consumers at one time.

The beauty of hosting live events is that they work for just about any business genre. Using live event posters to market and brand your event is affordable, effective, and attention-grabbing. The tips below are designed to help you create live event posters that spark interest and help excite and guide attendees during your event.

  • Create a poster series that leads attendees from the parking lot and local buses and trains right to your venue door.
  • Create posters that boast your event and post them in close proximity to your planned venue.
  • Create additional marketing posters and post them in the places where your potential attendees spend time.
  • Use easy to read fonts that grab attention, relieve your even staff from repeatedly answering the same questions, and let attendees quickly and easily self-navigate your event venue.
  • If you really want to stand out in the crowd, give your posters a retro or vintage look and feel with our sepia design tools.
  • Use colors that represent your event well whether its primary colors for a children’s education event or soothing colors for a self-care and pampering event.
  • If you really want to get attendee attention, consider using tasteful humor in your poster designs.

Create Effective Posters With Our DIY Design Tool
When you’re ready to design and create the posters you need for your next live event, head on over to our DIY design tool. Choose your poster size and texture – gloss or matte – and start creating. Our huge clipart library has images that can help bring your live event to life. You can also upload your own images including logos, product phots, and speaker photos.

With our text features, you can easily create posters that answer FAQs from event attendees. These informative posters can depict room assignments, session excerpts, speaker bios, venue directions, meal times, and more. Event vendors will also appreciate posters that point in their direction and spotlight their products and services.

Carefully position your images and text, finalize your poster design, and click the submit button. Our professional fabrication team will take over from there. We’ll produce and print your posters, ensure their perfection, and ship them right to your door.


While you’re on our website, take a few minutes to create an account. With a MYDPRINT account, you can save poster designs and ideas for late use. That makes it easier to reprint or redesign posters for your next live event. You’ll also be able to set up shipping parameters to make ordering and reordering faster and easier.

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