Let MYDPRINT Help You Brand Your Daycare Center

daycare center branding

In today’s economy, two-income families are everywhere. Moms, dads, and single parents are working, building careers, and starting their own businesses. While their professional lives are flourishing, they’re looking for someone to care for their children during those working hours. With the plethora of daycare centers available today, branding your daycare center is vital to getting the attention of the parents who need your child care service. Daycare center branding is typically colorful and bright in order to engage children and assure parents that their children will spend their days in a fun-filled, loving, vibrant environment.

To effectively brand your daycare center, you need to first define its purpose. Is your daycare center more educational than playful? Is it more playful and whimsical than learning-based? Is it centered on Montessori or other specialized methods of education? Is it faith-based? Determine the purpose of your daycare center, then understand the two avenues your marketing must take. The exterior marketing should be geared toward capturing the parent’s attention, while the interior marketing should be focused on engaging the children.

Exterior Daycare Center Branding

Branding your daycare center’s exterior doors and windows with your logo, slogan, daycare type, and contact information makes it easy for parents to tell at a glance whether you meet their criteria. The custom letters, images, and decals you order from us arrive pre-spaced, professionally die cut, and with complete installation instructions. We also carry an extensive line of sturdy, durable, weather-resistant, exterior banners that allow you to display even more of the information parents find helpful like hours of operation, registration dates and times, and accepted age ranges.

Exterior branding should be easy to read, the information it provides should be easy to remember, and it should direct parents to your website and social media pages. Those online peeks into your daycare center let parents see the day-to-day operations, the way the teachers and children interact, and the schedule and curriculum your provide.

Interior Daycare Center Branding

Just as the exterior branding should focus on the parents, the interior of your daycare should focus on the children. Where the exterior branding is informational and easy to read, the interior branding needs to be child-focused, age-appropriate, colorful, stimulating, and engaging. When parents drop off and pick up their children from your daycare center, they want to be surrounded by color and fun. When children participate in the daycare center throughout the day, they need exposure to primary colors, fun graphics, and engaging decals.

Consider single-sided, vertical banners for each classroom door, colorful interior posters and signage, and even custom decals on each classroom’s window. Don’t forget to brand your wayfinders, too. Because all these items are easily customizable with our DIY marketing and branding design tool, making them uniquely yours is easy.

Our design tool is easy to use and allows you to truly customize your daycare center and set it apart from your competitors. It’s packed with images, fonts, and customization tools. From text wrapping to image mapping, and from masking to layering, your marketing will stand out in a crowded marketplace and help your daycare center reach its enrollment goals, appeal to parents, and engage with children.

For maximum community-wide impact, you might even wrap your daycare center’s buses and vans in colorful advertising. Doing so turns them into mobile, attention-grabbing marketing machines that get seen all over town.