Leaving A Lasting Impression On Your Coworking Space

branding a coworking space

Creating a brand that leaves a favorable impression on your target audience is the cornerstone of most businesses. If you’re the owner of a coworking space, you already know it can be challenging to make your brand prominent is a sea of small business owners and their brands. Branding a coworking space means featuring your brand to the outside world to reach new and existing clients while simultaneously branding your interior space to let existing clients know you take your brand seriously.

Branding your coworking space means telling the story of your business and sending a clear message to your ideal consumers – in most cases, your ideal consumers are small business owners. Your brand helps define the attitude and energy of your coworking space. For example, a strictly corporate coworking space might have the look and feel of a classic office setting with contemporary workstations, conference rooms and office equipment.

Conversely, a more edgy coworking space might have an eclectic color palette, a coffee house setting, and open seating arrangements. No matter what small business owners your coworking space serves, our graphic designers can help you create a coworking brand that represents the culture and message of your brand. They can also help you design an entire suite of branded marketing materials and corporate interiors that tell your brand’s story at a glance.

Because coworking spaces come in so many varieties, your brand can also help define your type of coworking space. For example, a coworking space for aspiring artists might look like a huge studio with lots of lighting options versus a coworking kitchen space for aspiring food brands because rather than strictly desk space and meeting rooms, the latter would look like ovens, counterspace, cooling racks, and tasting stations. Your coworking space might also be set up to meet the needs of other specialized businesses.

You know your brand better than anyone else, so be sure to share the specifics of your brand during your Product Consultation with one of our graphic designers. It’s an ideal time for us to get to know you, your business, and your target audience. It’s also the time when you will get to know all about us and the products, fabrications, and delivery methods we offer – and, more importantly, what that means for your business and brand.

Our graphic design team can help you strategically position your coworking brand for success. Branding a coworking space is especially important because your brand has to secure its space in setting filled with other small business owners. Of course, the businesses who lease space from you might confine their brand to their dedicated space, but you still need to ensure your brand is evident in all shared spaces like conference rooms and coffee stations.

That can be tricky when you’re also trying to leave room for other brands to express themselves. When branding your coworking space is at the top of your priority list, contact DPRINT to put eighty years of graphic design experience and innovation behind your coworking brand.