Join The Food Truck Revolution With A Stunning Vehicle Wrap

food truck marketing

Food trucks are a great way to break into the food service business. They’re also big business these days – in fact, they’re a $900 million food service industry. That means food truck marketing needs to gain continued traction as the industry continues to grow. It also means lots of competition for your food truck business. It also means creating a distinctive branding message and wrapping your food truck in that message should be high on your list of priorities.

The way you choose to wrap your food truck should tell hungry patrons exactly what food they’ll get, what it will cost, and why they should buy from you versus the next food truck in the line. Begin your food truck marketing – and wrapping – by creating a memorable logo. Your logo should indicate the type of food you cook, represent your brand, and speak to your target market. It should also be universal and cohesive when used on your food truck wrap and social media channels. That design cohesiveness helps draw your online and offline browsers and consumers together.

Of course, people come to your food truck for the food, so food truck marketing and wrapping must make your menu a spotlight and priority. Because your menu is short and sweet, marketing it is simple and easy. Your menu can be placed on your food truck in bold, easy-to-read letters and partnered with images that tempt the palate and draw the eye. That means you should choose fonts, images, and a call to action that share the vital information consumers need to make a fast, informed buying decision.

Make careful color selections that stop hungry foot traffic in its tracks and make your mobile eatery a resounding hit at food truck festivals. Work with your graphic designer to create custom food truck graphics that distinguish yours from every other food truck around. Opt for attention-grabbing colors and photos, short product names and descriptions, and social media icons that promote online shares and reviews.

Be careful to work with your graphic designer to create an all-around design that covers your food truck from every angle to reach as many potential shoppers as possible. When you trust our professional graphic design team with your food truck wrap, we take charge of designing, branding, wrapping, and installing your new wrap.

Your uniquely custom vehicle wrap is food truck marketing that never starts working. Whether your food truck is serving patrons outside an office building, parked on the side of the road, or participating in a food truck festival, it never stops promoting your business. Our award-winning graphic design team will work with you every step along the way to create a food truck you can be proud of.

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