Increase Sales With Custom Real Estate Yard Signs

real estate yard signs

Even in this day and age of online and digital sales and marketing of everything from toys to antiques to automobiles, realtors still count on the attention-grabbing appeal of real estate yard signs. A robust website and social media strategy should definitely be an integral part of your real estate marketing strategy. Outdoor signs that pique the interest of foot and road traffic are also an important part of solid real estate marketing campaigns.

Your real estate print marketing collateral is where we come in. The selection of real estate yard signs we offer at MYDPRINT are easy to brand and customize. You can choose from one of these predesigned templates to quickly and easily create the real estate marketing signs you need:

Use any of the signs above as a starting point and create your own custom sign. You can also start with a clank template and create a unique-to-you real estate marketing sign. Make sure you include your realtor’s logo and a photo of yourself or your for-sale property on each sign. It’s also a good idea to attach a weatherproof information holder to your signs. That important feature allows you to fill the holder with informational flyers that boast the features and benefits of each property along with your contact info. They’re a quick, easy way of equipping neighbors and passersby with a simple yet tangible method of sharing your property’s availability with friends, family, and colleagues.

Creating effective real estate yard signs is a smart, affordable way to leave a lasting impression on potential home buyers. Yard signs are a time-honored, proven marketing strategy that gets buyers interested in your properties. With our DIY design tool, they’re easy to design, create, brand, and customize on your own. The design features we provide let you create yard signs that set your property apart from the one next door and set you apart from competing real estate agents. Try using clever design tips when you create your DIY marketing signs. Include simple contact info like social media icons and add contact numbers made up of easy to remember words.


The real estate yard signage you order from us will stand the test of time. Our signs are long-lasting, affordable, and professionally produced. They’re versatile, strong, sturdy, lightweight, reusable, and portable. The affordability of real estate yard signs makes them an excellent return on your marketing investment. Their durability and potential for evergreen marketing make your investment minimal. Their innate ability to draw attention means more sets of eyes take a look at your property from the outside. Combined with great curb appeal, that might just prompt viewers to contact you for a peek at the home’s interior.

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