Increase Engagement At Your Live Event With A Custom Instagram Booth Sign

Instagram booth sign

Live events are a small business marketer’s dream. They’re a great way to interact and engage with your target market while they’re all in one room. Whether you’re representing your small business at a tradeshow, vendor event, conference, or convention, adding a photo booth is an attention-grabbing way to stand out in a crowded room. An Instagram booth sign piques interest, encourages spontaneous communication, and prompts attendees to bring other attendees to your booth. A booth sign from MYDPRINT encourages posed photos, fun-loving selfies, and social media posts. Growing your Instagram following with a photo booth can easily lead to additional sales and boosts to your other social media accounts.

Transforming a typical photo booth experience into a social media goldmine with an Instagram booth sign from MYDPRINT is easy. Simply log onto our website and navigate to the Instagram photo booth sign designer. Browse our collection of clipart or upload an image of your own – your logo or tagline are ideal choices. Play around with the text generator – you can also upload your own fonts – and add witty quotes, fun sayings, and compelling calls to action. Opt for vibrant colors that grab and keep attention, position each layer to carefully frame the potential clients who will snap their own photos at your booth. Create the perfect sign to represent your company and leave the printing and production to us. We’ll print your Instagram booth sign on sturdy, 1/4″ gatorboard in an attention-grabbing, 24” X 36” that can be seen all over the room.

Our budget-friendly Instagram booth sign is your own custom creation. You’ll unleash your inner creativity, never see another one like it, and turn a typical event into a fun-loving, out-of-the-ordinary experience. Pairing your new sign with a sign in sheet so attendees can leave their Instagram handle is an easy way to follow up and encourage future interactions. Want to press your Instagram photo frame into additional use and get even more bang for your marketing buck? Try positioning it in your office for your employees to enjoy. It’s an inexpensive way to boost office morale and encourage employees to have more fun at the office.

Let MYDPRINT help you create an entire social media wall by adding a changing digital photo frame, instantly printed photos, or a variety of fun props and giveaway items to your booth. Recipients will love seeing their photos on display and bring other guests and visitors to your booth. Make sure to create – and prominently display – a unique company hashtag as well. Hashtags are a quick, easy method of increasing awareness of your brand and a smart way to engage with members of your target market who aren’t in attendance at live events.

Your Instagram booth sign also works for social events. Try ordering one for the next corporate event, holiday party, baby shower, bachelorette party, wedding, grand opening, or graduation you host. Ordering is simple, production is professional and fast, and delivery to your door is guaranteed. Order now and spice up your next small business, or social event. Attendees will love your booth, your Instagram account will gain a host of new followers, and your small business will thrive.