How To Use Custom Coasters To Boost Brand Awareness

marketing with coasters

Marketing with coasters is a natural fit for restaurants, bars, coffee houses, and cafes. Coasters as a marketing tool can also work for many different businesses, though, including yours. Almost any business who sells mugs – or rewards customers and employees with them – can use coasters to reach their target market. Coasters are also a valuable marketing tool if eateries and craft brewers are among your list of strategic partners.

Is Marketing With Coasters Right For Your Small Business?
Yes! If your business reaches people who drink hot and cold beverages of any kind, coasters are an effective marketing tool. They’re easy to create and are as welcome in your consumer’s homes as they are in your business. They have an added advantage of seeing frequent use which means your brand is positioned in your consumer’s eyes on an almost daily basis. The following people can use coaster marketing to help grow awareness of their brands.

  • Strategic partners
  • Community organizations
  • Caterers and personal chefs
  • Vineyards and craft breweries
  • Churches and community centers
  • Social causes your business supports
  • Organizations your business supports
  • Event planners who create swag bags

Coaster Marketing Design Tips
As you would with any other marketing method, start designing your coasters with an end goal in mind. A coaster intended to increase overall brand awareness might look very different from one designed to promote a specific product. When you’re ready to create coasters that help boost your business, keep these additional design tips and ideas in mind.

  • Create consistency in coaster marketing. Position your logo and brand message on the coasters you design.
  • Research your target market. Are they coffee drinkers or wine drinkers?
  • Include a call to action. A compelling CTA turns your marketing coaster into a sales prompt.
  • Make your coaster interesting. Try including consumer tips, trivia questions, or humor.
  • Know where your coast will go. Will your coaster be used in an upscale winery or a neighborhood sports bar?

How To Create Custom Coasters With Our DIY Design Tool
Think carefully about how your small business will use coasters to market its products and services. Then put your designer hat on and get to work creating a coaster design your target market will appreciate and hold on to. Start creating your custom coasters with our small business DIY design tool by choosing from our white hardboard coasters and black slate coasters. Once you’ve chosen your coaster style, follow these simple steps.

  • Click the red Design It button
  • Choose a clipart of images from our library
  • Upload your logo and brand-ready images
  • Create a message and call to action
  • Finalize your design
  • Click the submit button



Marketing with coasters works for small businesses of all kinds because the majority of your consumer base is likely to consist of coffee and tea drinkers. Your custom coasters will be delivered on time, every time because our production team will pick up from there and produce high quality, durable, affordable coasters your consumers will love.