How To Develop An Effective Print Marketing Campaign

print marketing

When done right, graphic design and print marketing can work together to create effective marketing campaigns that compel action and lead to sales from your target audience. The best way to make sure your marketing is effective is to have its roots stem from the needs and wants of your target market. That makes the first step you take – getting to know your ideal consumer intimately – extremely important. That’s why working with our graphic design team typically starts with a Product Consultation that lets you get to know about our products and services while letting us get to know about your business, its needs, and more importantly, your target market and marketing goals.

Armed with that information, you are equipped to make strategic, effective print marketing choices. At the same time, we are equipped to make solid color, font, and other graphic design choices that effectively speak to your target market. With all that knowledge in place, constructing a marketing and graphic design campaign consists of these additional tactical marketing choices:

  • Embrace Brand Continuity
    Understand the correlation and connection between your online and offline business persona. It’s extremely important for your brand to share one cohesive message with your target market. Imagine the confusion it can cause if your consumer sees two different logos or if your business tells two different color stories. A huge – and important – part of marketing is creating brand familiarity.
  • Make Strategic Product Choices
    Understand and define your marketing message, then choose the right marketing materials. What are the best methods for getting your message out to the public? Will posters deliver your message more effectively than a vehicle wrap or vice versa? Does your target market respond more favorably to product tags or decals? The answers to these questions will help you make choices that are cost-effective and compelling.
  • Grab Attention Immediately
    Grabbing – and keeping – consumer attention is a critical component of strategic marketing. The very first place a consumer’s eye rests on the posters and banners we create should compel them to keep reading. More importantly, it should compel them to take action. Pique their curiosity from the start with humor, imagery, or words that prompt them to get started down your purchase path.
  • Call Consumers To Action
    Create a sense of urgency or a VIP membership that creates an act-right-now sensation that spurs your consumer into action. Either start your verbiage with a strong call to action or wrap up with one. Either way, use the power of graphic design and strategic content to tell consumers how to purchase from you and why they absolutely should want to do so.
  • Prepare A Well-Defined Plan
    Of course, before you take any of the above actions, start your print marketing campaign by defining solid goals, launch dates, advertising space and locations, budgets, and messaging. Once you have these goals clearly defined, every other choice and next step is easier to understand and easier to make.

Understanding your target market is critical enough that not doing it can inadvertently sabotage your marketing efforts and can cost you a small fortune because the most effective marketing is targeted marketing that reaches the right audience. When it’s time to start making the choices that let your marketing really shine, call the graphic design team at DPRINT. We’ll work with you to design an entire suite of effective print marketing materials that boost brand recognition, increase sells, and speak right to the heart of your target audience.