How To Create Custom Marketing Flyers That Promote Your Small Business

custom marketing flyers

Small business marketing is a process. A/B testing, data collection and analysis, and measuring metrics let you try a variety of marketing methods, discard the ones that do not perform well and identify the ones that draw the best response from your target market and lead to the most profitability. The process of measuring your marketing efforts works with contemporary online and digital marketing. It also works with old-school marketing methods like postcards and flyers. Flyers are a low-cost marketing method with the potential to yield a high return on investment. For the cost of paper and ink, you can create a flyer with the potential to produce amazing results. Consider these simple methods to create unique, custom marketing flyers that help promote your small business.

Create A Custom Background
Flyers are easy to create using our DIY marketing software and design tool. Here’s a brief tutorial featuring the ins and outs of using our design tool to create the marketing product of your choice. Like all the products in our DIY marketing suite, our flyers are easy to customize. Start by choosing the size of your flyer – 8.5” X 11” is ideal – and clicking the red Design It button to enter the customization software. Think of what you want in the background of your flyer. Your background can work in two different ways to garner the attention you want – a colorful background can grab attention readily, while a white background lets the graphics and words on your flyer pop.

Choose Eye-Catching Images
The images included on your flyer are important because they help draw your consumer’s eye. Naturally, the most important image your flyer should contain is your company’s logo. Positioning your logo in a prominent place on your custom marketing flyers does two key things. It introduces your brand to potential clients and reinforces your brand’s visual appeal for existing clients. Upload your logo to our software and use the design tool to position it on your flyer. If you’re promoting more than one product or service, you can choose images from our huge clipart library that represent each product segment. You can also upload photos you’ve taken of your products – or photos that represent your services – and add them to your custom flyer in mere minutes.

Include A Call To Action
Of all the text you add to your flyer – contact info, product descriptions, service offerings, company slogan or tagline – the most critical text is your call to action. The call to action tells your target audience what action to take that leads to a purchase. Browse our collection of fonts and choose the one that best fits your branding. You can also upload custom or specialty fonts. Font choice is important – you wouldn’t want to use a comical font to represent a real estate firm or an intricate, cursive font to represent a children’s product company. Select a font that complements the visual aspect of your marketing flyer.

Finalize your custom flyer design and click the submit button, We’ll take it from there and deliver a flyer that delivers results. Our custom flyers let you create an easy to distribute marketing method – post them in local coffee houses and community centers, pass them out by hand, and leave one at each door in your target community. Printed on sturdy, 100#, glossy paper, the flyers you order from MYDRPINT are an affordable way to combine the best of old-school marketing with the impact of effective distribution to creating a marketing power punch. Unleash your creativity and design your custom marketing flyer on our website today.