How Graphic Communication Speaks Without Words

graphic communication

Like most small business owners, you understand the importance of graphic design in your business. Graphic design helps establish brand awareness and recognition among your consumers while simultaneously creating focus and clarity among internal staff and employees. It also lets you put the power of graphic communication to work in marketing and branding your business. In fact, it’s like having a conversation and telling a story without saying a word.

Human beings have been using pictures, visual clues, and images to tell stories almost since the beginning of time. Using the power and principles of graphic communication to create images that silently scream your story is a small business power move. Start your graphic design storytelling by understanding your business and your target audience and how they speak to each other. That knowledge enables you to know, conceptualize, and visualize your story. That story becomes part of your logo, business personality, and all other elements of your visual identity.

Ask yourself this question – what do consumers notice when they first encounter your logo and branding? That question is critical because when you create and design your logo, brand story, and print marketing products, your main goal is to communicate with your target market. The best visual storytelling elicits an emotional response and creates a sense of urgency. For example: a beauty brand will use images that evoke a personal best for the end-user. Similarly, a luxury car brand will help you envision your personal best, but in a very different way.

Ask yourself this follow-up question – what do consumers notice about their subsequent encounters with your logo and branding? Familiarity is one of the hallmarks of great small business graphic design. People remember great logos and the businesses they represent. They notice how the logo makes them feel and they react accordingly. For example: the round green logo on a to-go coffee cup makes you think of custom coffee. Conversely, even though the fast food chain represented by the iconic gold arches sells custom coffee these days, the sight of the arches still makes you think of hamburgers and fries.

Tell the visual story of your brand with the right blend of colors, fonts, shapes, images, look, tone, and feel. Creating the right marketing and branding blend can also create a silent call to action. Of course, you should also pair your graphic design with a bold call to action in your print marketing materials. At MYDRINT, we have a huge array of more than 300 print marketing materials to help you market and brand your small business for success. Promote your company with everything from business cards to postcards to banners to vehicle wraps.


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