How Frosted Panels Can Create An Intimate Atmosphere In Your Restaurant

create an intimate atmosphere in your restaurant

As a restaurateur, you’re part culinary genius, part chef, and part business person. While your culinary side concentrates on crafting individual dishes, compiling palate-pleasing meals, and developing master menus, your business side must focus on money matters. Those money matters include cash flow spreadsheets, profit margins, affordable ingredient sourcing, and the ability to create branding and marketing that draws patrons inside. Once they’re inside, you want to create an intimate atmosphere in your restaurant that keeps them coming back and telling their friends and family about your establishment.

Since restaurants feature huge dining rooms with a multitude of seating areas, being able to divide a huge room into smaller settings means added intimacy for romance-inspired patrons and a measure of privacy for larger parties. It allows each grouping of diners to escape the noise and hustle and bustle of the larger restaurant. Additionally, frosted panels can provide brand support, noise reduction, and aesthetic appeal. They also allow a view of the restaurant, if desired, and add a touch of class that cannot be mimicked with wood or fabric room dividers that block natural light and increase darkness and shadowing.

It’s easy and affordable to create an intimate atmosphere in your restaurant with frosted versus clear acrylic glass partitions. Frosted partitions have a multitude of benefits, including:

  • durability
  • affordability
  • relative privacy
  • low maintenance
  • style and elegance
  • maximum use of space


Additional Ways Frosted Partitions Can Enhance Your Restaurant

Peek Into The Kitchen
Many restaurants allow a peek into part of their cooking process. You can spotlight a celebrated chef and his culinary techniques behind a protective wall – your diners get a peek into the kitchen without risk of injury. Frosted glass-inspired dividers also help maximize and optimize floor space. They lend an ordinary restaurant an air of sophistication and brighten diner’s surroundings. They also enhance flickering candles and set off centerpieces.

Spotlight The Bar Area
Create a segmented bar area or private event area with frosted partitions. In the bar area – a high-profit area for most restaurants – frosted panes can create drink menus that really grab attention. As dividers for private events, they aid in creating better acoustics for corporate and social outings. These dividers can be especially effective at the bar because many times the bar is patronized even when the dining room is not.

Set Your Brand On Fire
As hard as you’ve worked to choose colors that represent your brand well, you’ll love the effect of frosted glass on your logo. It’s akin to adding a new dimension to your branding and makes it easy to share it with your patrons on a constant basis minus the in-your-face factor that might otherwise turn buyers off.

When you’re ready to create an intimate atmosphere in your restaurant with custom frosted partitions, contact the graphic design team at DPRINT. Our customer-focused, knowledgeable creative team will help you design the right partitions for your restaurant. Whether you choose to leave your mark with your brand, inspiring words, or creative imagery, frosted panels will enhance your patron’s dining experience and increase your bottom line.