How To Design A Custom Table Cover You Won’t Want To Cover Up

custom table cover

Like most small business owners, you understand the value of participating in live events. Depending on your industry, products, and services, those events can range from farmer’s markets to pop-up shops to music festivals to industry trade shows. Participating in a live event means putting your best marketing foot forward. That means designing and creating print marketing materials like a branded banner, personalized tent canopies, and a custom table cover that draw attendees to your booth or display.

Live events have a wealth of benefits – they let you interact with your ideal consumers on a face-to-face basis, provide a glimpse into the marketing tactics of your competitors, and let you keep your finger on the pulse of your target audience. The key to making live event work for you is drawing consumers to your company’s space in the first place. A custom table cover is a simple way to get the attention of your target market.

Who Can Benefit From Custom Table Covers?

  • Authors, speakers, and consultants
  • Restaurants, chefs, and caterers
  • Music festivals and pop-up shops
  • Art festivals, galleries, and showcases
  • Trade shows, conferences, and conventions

Creating a custom table cover that represents your business is easy with our DIY design tool because your design options are limited only by your creativity and imagination. Start by choosing the size and background color of your tablecloth. Once your size and color are chosen, browse our vast image collection to choose the pictures and clipart that represent your brand. You can also upload your own logo and images. Next, use our text features to add critical elements like your contact information, social media icons, purchase URL, tagline, and a compelling call to action.

Maximize the effectiveness of your custom table cover by combining it with branded giveaways. Consumers love to receive freebies at live events and they’re an affordable way to send your brand home in their hands. Live events are a good way to increase awareness of your brand and build credibility – and likeability – among your target market.

Need a little design inspiration to get you started? The design tool tutorial on our YouTube channel tells you all the ways you can put the power of our design tool to work in your small business. While you’re on our YouTube channel, check out all our small business marketing and branding videos.

Finalize your design, click the red Design It button, and leave the rest to us. The custom table covers you receive from us are professionally fabricated, printed to your exact specifications, and completely unique to you. Our production team produces a durable, affordable, effective table cover you can be proud of. Following our product care directions will help your table cover last for years.


Branded table covers are a low-cost, high-visibility way to announce your presence, boost recognition and awareness of your brand, and display custom swag, imprintables, and giveaways. Take your live event display from run-of-the-mill to runaway success with custom tablecloths from MYDPRINT.