What Happens When Your Visual Identity Gets A Refreshing Makeover

visual identity makeover

Just like homes, hairstyles, and wardrobes need an occasional refresher, so might businesses benefit from a visual identity makeover. What prompts a company to consider a brand makeover? There are several good reasons for rebranding your business or corporation. Many companies shy away from a brand makeover. In truth, though, a brand makeover says your company is poised for future-casting. It tells your target market that you’re innovative, cutting edge, and at the top of your marketing game.

As is so often the case, your business goals, objectives, and culture might change over time. When those one or all of things change, the personality of your business frequently changes as well. Perhaps it’s your target market who has changed over time. Maybe you’ve bought an existing business and want to make it your own. You might have inherited a family business. Any of those changes might necessitate a branding and marketing makeover.

If you’ve had one graphic designer working on your logo, another working on your website, another working on your exterior signage, and yet another designer working on yet another branding and marketing component, you may find yourself experiencing brand confusion. Brand confusion makes it difficult for your target market to pick you out of a crowd. It makes it difficult for them to view your company with any consistency. One of the best features of a visual identity makeover is the opportunity to stay ahead of your competitors, grab the attention of your target market, or stay on top of current trends in your market.

3 Unbeatable Benefits of A Visual Identity Makeover

  1. New Inner Perspective
    You put a fresh set of eyes to work on your marketing material. When a new graphic design team scrutinizes your branding and graphic designs, they bring a whole new perspective to the table. They view everything from your ideal consumer to your color theory to your marketing avenues with a new set of eyes that may bring your vision to life in a way your consumers respond to positively and with revived fervor.
  2. New Outer Perspective
    A new look, feel, and perception may be exactly the jumpstart your corporation needs. When strategically planned, announced and executed, a marketing, branding, and graphic design makeover can work wonders. It can lead to renewed interest from your existing customer base and to increased awareness from potential customers.
  3. Marketplace Cohesiveness
    Businesses and corporations are built on reputation, user experience, and brand recognition. A brand makeover allows you to create – or establish – a cohesive look and feel across all your marketing outlets. When your brand looks and feels the same every place your ideal consumer encounters it, you build familiarity they come to know and trust.

Is your business ready to experience a refreshing, rejuvenating, marketing makeover? The graphic design team at DPRINT is here to help you explore new marketing options and reach new heights of success. Our years of experience and marketing moxie will help you create, or recreate, the visual identity your company deserves.