Grow Your Small Business With Custom Mousepads

custom mousepad

Computer use is everywhere today from households to businesses to gaming. Desktop computer users rely on a mouse and mousepad to make moving their cursors and pointers across their screen simple, smooth, seamless, and ergonomically pleasing. Even most laptop users connect a wireless, external mouse to their system to make navigating their screens a smooth experience. Because their use is so prevalent today, using a custom mousepad as a sales item or promotional giveaway is a smart marketing tactic.

Corporations and small businesses who cater to IT and tech-based consumers, electronics companies, and businesses with gamers as their target market are natural fits for custom mousepads. They’re also a smart way to brand workstations in your office, computer stations in coworking spaces, and conference and meeting rooms. You can significantly increase awareness of your brand by using custom mousepads to stuff conference and seminar swag bags or to prompt visits to your tradeshow or career fair booth.

5 Professional & Gaming Benefits of Mousepads

  • Mousepads foster exemplary control of your mouse and cursor versus unadorned desktops
  • Gamers might experience greater dexterity and increased performance with smoother mousing and pointing
  • Writers, graphic designers, and small business office users appreciate less mouse slippage and increased cursor control
  • Desks and tabletops are less likely to be cluttered when a mouse and mousepad are in use
  • Desks and tabletops a protected from the scratches dings that can result from repeated mouse usage

Personalize your promotional mousepad with your company logo, URL, and a custom measurement table. Similarly, you can add a conversion chart or other at-a-glance info your ideal consumer repeatedly needs on hand. For consumer use, use a mousepad to answer FAQs. For small business owners, add marketing info and tips. For gamers, consider adding gaming tips and character profiles. For bakers, add measurement conversions and substitutions. As you can see, the sky is the limit and the personalization features are limitless.

5 Reasons To Market With Custom Mousepads

  • Mousepads put your marketing message right at your user’s fingertips on a daily basis
  • Mousepads are high-visibility, user friend marketing that enhances the user’s experience of your product
  • Custom mousepads are easily affordable, offer high-durability, and have a long shelf life
  • Branded mousepads are lightweight and flexible making them a breeze to transport from event to event as a giveaway item and marketing tool
  • Custom mousepads are bendable, foldable, and easy for consumers to grab, pack, and transport


Our DIY design tool features a customizable mousepad you can easily brand with your company name, logo, and marketing message. Start your design from scratch or customize one of our predesigned templates. Create your custom mousepad by uploading your logo and other marketing images. It’s generously sized at 9.25’ X 7.75” and made of .125 white satin neoprene giving you plenty of room for customization. Add company info and submit your design. We’ll create your branded mousepad and ship it right to your door. They’re a great way to meet your marketing goals and leave a lasting impression on your ideal consumer by putting your brand right at their fingertips.