Grow Your Church With Custom Postcards

custom postcards

Whether your church is new to your community or a community staple, it can benefit from using postcards to draw new attendees. A form of direct marketing, postcards are attention-grabbing, affordable marketing tools. At MYDPRINT, our custom postcards give you the freedom to unleash your creativity and combine it with your message to create a community-wide invitation. Postcards have the potential to reap the following amazing benefits for your church.

Custom postcards create a captive audience. Because they’re received with the daily mail, postcards can’t be ignored by your target audience. People will read them instinctively as they leaf through the mail – and with the right information, they’ll keep reading. Personalized postcards also help increase awareness of your ministry. Even a building as large as a church is easy to overlook when it’s part of your everyday landscape. A postcard with your church’s logo, service times, and special events draws attention to the building, its inner workings, and its benefits to the community.

Finally, custom postcards make it easy and affordable to flood the market. Reaching every residential and commercial building in your community is the goal of every business. Reaching those same homes and businesses plus each individual family is also the goal of local nonprofit organizations. That goal is easily achievable with postcards.

How To Create Your Own Attention-Grabbing Postcards
Head over to DIY marketing website and choose the DIY customizable postcard. Choose your postcard size and finish, then start turning it into a work of marketing art. Choose from our image library or upload your own images. Communities respond well to pictures of your building, your members in action, holiday decorations, and special events. Make sure you own the rights and releases of any images you upload. Add them to strategic places on your postcard or use them as background images to offset your text.

Once your images are in place, choose an eye-catching, easy-to-read font for conveying your message. Use large font to make important information readable at a glance while your recipients are leafing through a stack of envelopes. Make the URL and contact info prominent. As space permits, add additional features that make your church easy to find, like social media icons, service times, special events, and holiday gatherings. Feature the pastor, leadership team, membership, etc.

Postcards have a triple distribution feature. First, they’re easy and cheap to mail to every address in your target area. Postcards are also easy leave-behind marketing items. Leave stacks in frequently visited stores and casual restaurants or post them on community bulletin boards in local coffeehouses and community centers. Finally, postcards are ideally suited for hand-to-hand, person-to-person distribution. When members of your community experience personal interaction with members of your church and your outreach team, the likelihood of their visiting your church is significantly increased.

How can you use your creativity to create a ministry-based postcard that gets results? Visit our website and start creating the custom postcard your church needs. While you’re there, browse our complete DIY marketing product suite to find other promo materials you can use to move your church beyond its walls and bring your community inside.