Four Signs You Must Have For Your Next In-Store Event

in-store event

One of the best parts of owning a small business is the flexibility that allows you to make and act on good ideas quickly. As a small business owner, one of the ways you can exercise that flexibility is by using your brick and mortar space for other purposes. Restaurants can host live music nights, children’s retailers can host story hours, and coworking spaces can host networking events. The point is to make your space pay for itself by bringing groups of potential consumers into your space. Regularly hosting an in-store event is one creative way to do just that.

When you’re hosting an in-store event, posters, banners, and signs are your go-to marketing pieces. Here are four ways they’ll help make your event successful:

  1. Market
    Tell regular visitors to your store about your upcoming event and why they should attend. If there will be special guests or speakers, make sure to say that, too – especially if they have name recognition that can help increase the size of your crowd.
  2. Prepare
    If registration or sign up is required, have a sign-in sheet strategically positioned at your checkout counter or reception desk. Heads up – a headcount is a good way to make sure you have enough room and refreshments for everyone.
  3. Position
    If your retail space or office is large enough or has multiple rooms, create signs that point out what takes place where. They’re a simple, affordable way to mark food stations, VIP signups, class topics, and more. If you’re planning to host events on a regular basis, make your signs evergreen (undated) to extend their usefulness.
  4. Promote
    Is your after hours or in-store event benefiting a charity or raising awareness for a cause? Make sure part of your signage is for the group you’re supporting and point out ways attendees can help – a contribution station or sign up sheet can go a long way toward helping the group you’re advocating for in their effort to raise awareness, increase funding, or increase their memberships.

Types of In-Store Events

  • Business After Hours
  • Small Business Networking
  • Small Business Workshops
  • Lunch And Learn Events
  • Food Tastings
  • Group Coaching
  • Community Meet & Greet
  • Holiday Parties
  • Pop-up Shops
  • VIP Nights

How do you decide which type of event to host in your retail store? Choose business events that speak to your ideal customer. For example, a restaurant might host a cooking class or tasting. A coffee shop might host a networking event for local small business owners or a study night for local college students. A shoe store or apparel store might host a fashion show. A bookstore might host a read-in or a book launch for a local author.

The types of in-store events you can host are limited only to your imagination. With your space and our creativity and design, you can create the ideal in-store event for your retail space. Contact us today to get started on the promotional items you need to host a successful event that draws a crowd – the right crowd – into your brick and mortar establishment.